This weekend you might just….

During the Troubles, the journey up the Falls to the old City Cemetery became deeply problematic for many non Catholics. Over the last ten to fifteen years, last year’s Lord Mayor of Belfast Tom Hartley of Sinn Fein has done much to ease that journey and open up the old graves of west Belfast to all the citizens of the city… This weekend, he’s organised an open day from 10am to 3pm for people with relatives to come along and locate the graves of their loved ones…


  • The Raven

    I highly recommend one of Mr Hartley’s tours. It’s really worth the effort if you can make it.

    Oh GOD the submit word is “dead”, I shit you not…

  • underwood

    Mick, I know you don’t mean to be offensive, but “non-Catholics” is taken as a very offensive term by those of different faiths, or of no faith.
    It defines them in the negative, as if they somehow fall short of the gold standard.

    It’s a bit like the Simpsons episode where the headmaster (or the preacher, maybe), after loudly listing various world faiths, looks directly at Apu and says, “And AN Others”.
    And Apu, looking hurt, mumbles, “Yes, there are only an estimated 837 million Hindus worldwide, the third largest religion in the world”.

    “People who weren’t (aren’t) Catholic” is better. It’s descriptive, rather than a pejorative title.

  • 6countyprod

    Excuse my ignorance, but is the graveyard normally locked up, or is it just unsafe for those not of the Catholic persuasion to frequent?

  • underwood

    Not safe. Hasn’t been for decades.

  • The Raven

    *shakes head at how far we haven’t come*…


    It’s unsafe at times NOT because you are Presbyterian/CoI/Jewish etc BUT it is unsafe at times for ANYONE of ANY denomination because of the toe rag scumbags who drink, take drugs and threaten people in it. If you are going to go, and it is a worthwhile visit, go in the morning and in groups and inform the staff that you are there. There are always decent City Council staff about and they will keep an eye out. Very historical place and you could spend a day in it walking about. People in West Belfast will NOT bite your head off even if you are NOT Catholic you know.

  • The Raven

    Ignore that nonsense. Go any time in daylight and exercise the same caution you would anywhere after dark. I’ve been in many times, at all times of the day, armed only with an expensive camera, and never once been annoyed. AND I’m a prod. So that’s that on both counts.