Dic Jones

Terribly sad news from here.Dic Jones has died. Nice obituary in the Independent.Wonderful poet He explains Cynghanedd Englyns

  • Big Maggie


    Yes RIP. I’ll have to take your word for it that Jones was a wonderful poet as I don’t speak Welsh.

    Just a pity that the only translation in your Independent link is this:

    “The children’s tree and old Santa’s, its springtime is in the middle of winter, it bears no fruit until summer is over, it flourishes only when snow has come.”

    It may be an “englyn” and positively radiant in Welsh but to me it reads like pretty lame stuff. Sorry.

  • Dewi

    Loses a lot in translation Maggie – but the greatest poet of his generation. In the Welsh that you quote:

    “Pren y plant a’r hen Santa – a’i wanwyn
    yng nghanol y gaea’,
    Ni ry’ ffrwyth nes darffo’r ha’,
    Nid yw’r ir nes daw’r eira.”

    Wonderful focussed alliteration. He chucks in “Santa” with “Pren y Plant” – and at the end “i’r” and “eira” is wonderful – wish I could write stuff like that. Hedd i’w lwch.

  • Dewi
  • Big Maggie


    Thanks for the link to the interview. A very personable man!

    BTW I suspect that Gabriel Byrne and he were separated at birth :^)