So did Galbally breach Rule 7a, or not?

Although I linked Chris’s post on this the other day, it’s worth going back to Balrog and have a good read of his argument that the GAA is and always was a political organisation. I’d enter Chris Donnelly’s caveat too that the organisation has acquiesced in the use of its facilities by several parties in the south. There ought to be a level playing field for all in these matters. Although Chris Gaskin is mistaken in his assertion that the GAA was not involved in this parade, as this banner of St Theresa’s, Loughmacrory clearly demonstrates (it’s worth having a look at the re-enactment aspect of the parade too). So, the only thing that casts some ambiguity on whether Rule 7a was or was not breached is whether it was organised by a single political party, or not.

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