Brennan to be deported by end of this week?

I think the Belfast Telegraph had the latest development on the deportation of Maze escapee Pól Brennan from the US first, but the BBC and the Irish Times follow up. He had reportedly been due to be deported on May 18th but had petitioned US homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano to grant him a deportation waiver. Apparently, it has now been confirmed that he will be deported by the end of this week. From the BBC report

The Pòl Brennan support group said the decision was wrong and have begun a campaign to have the deportation cancelled. “This is an unjust decision which goes against everything the US stands for, and it punishes Pòl and his family for his political past,” the group said. “This goes against the tenets of the Good Friday Agreement, which allowed former combatants in the conflict to move on with their lives and not be persecuted for their political pasts.”

Adds Apparently, that’s despite Sinn Féin “making representations on Pól’s behalf to the US authorities”.