The Best of the Welsh Blogs

Tory Professor Dylan reckons our Further Education is pretty good but under threat.
Adam Price MP
Adam’s not very fond of Tories.
Annie’s too cool – but in love with an Irish bloke – what’s that about?
Syniadau – building for Independence
Preparing for independence – nice bunch of data on the Railways.
No Good Boyo
No good boyo – doesn’t post often – but the funniest Welsh blog by a mile.
A view from rural Wales
Glyn’s 3-1 to beat Lembit….
Serious stuff – an excellent site – somewhat modelled on Slugger but a bit more highbrow.
Heledd – Plaid Candidate in Montgomery
Heledd – bilingual – “Pendroni” means turning things round in your head.
That’s in Welsh from Vaughan – but half way through there’s a fascinating link to a lecture by Emlyn Hooson on the late Clement Davies..leader of the Liberals in Westminster when they used to have their parliamentary party meetings in a phone box…in Welsh.
Politics Cymru
Politics Cymru have been to the Eisteddfod.
Trawling through the comments on Betsan might just give you a sense of deja vu..
Gwilym Euros
And finally a “Llais Gwynedd” councillor – our own bunch of dissoes in the black North.