“Nevertheless, the decision does raise major questions about the motivation behind it..”

In yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph Alan Murray had some “stupid” questions about the CPS decision not to pursue the extradition of Pearse McAuley and Nessan Quinlivan. From the Belfast Telegraph article

Overall, political considerations aside, the question that has to be addressed is whether the expensive legal exercise of seeking |the extradition of McAuley or Quinlivan, and thereafter mounting lengthy trials for their alleged IRA deeds in England in the late 1980s, would have benefited the taxpayer. What it does, however, draw attention to indirectly is the purpose of the Historical Enquiries Team in Northern Ireland and its decisions to mount prosecutions in some old cases.

What if HET detectives arrive at a conclusion in the future that either or both of these fugitives from British justice was involved in the commission of a murder in Northern Ireland for which they were never interviewed, would its current boss, Dave Cox, approach the CPS or the DPP here seeking a new extradition warrant for either? Somehow, right now, I very much doubt it.