Brit and Scottish blog round ups…

The latest Britblog round up is here, Whilst Duncan’s Scottish round up leads on the Gary McKinnon debacle… There’s quite a few posts on the rejection of David Kerr, former BBC Journo, by local Scot Nat activists, ostensibly for being a member of Opus Dei… BTW, I’ve just started putting together Slugger’s Scottish blogroll… Any helpful pointers will be humbly received (along with any useful suggestions for how to classify them)… Here’s the modified Irish list

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  • steve

    You forgot the English and welsh ones Moron.

  • bobballs

    Re Scottish blogs – Subrosa seems to get a good deal of traffic nowadays…

  • Mick Fealty

    Hey Steve, call again sometime.

    I’m working through them one by one. Wales next. Then England. Or maybe, for the delectation of your prejudicial Id, I’ll do the European blogs first.

  • Mick Fealty

    Damn, I thought I had Nat Myth Busting and Stephen’s blog in there… Leaky Chanter’s new to me though… Thanks!!

  • Mick Fealty

    Sorry, Chekov, none of the ones I thought I’d added last night actually transferred… Will try again…

  • Mick Fealty

    Right, I’ve uploaded the full list now… sorry for the misdirection…

  • Dewi

    David Kerr’s rejection? I must be out of touch – I thought he was confirmed last week.

  • Dewi

    Not a blog but a great Scottish Politics site.

  • Kezia Dugdale and “Yapping Yousef”, two Labour activists’ blog are usually worth a read :

    Mr Eugenides doesn’t do much on Scottish politics, but the fact that he’s not only an unapologetic libertarian Unionist Conservative with a dodgy sense of humour but also…a Rangers supporter will blow a few gaskets amongst the Slugger commentariat and that alone should be reason enough to include him;)

    Re David Kerr, he has been selected by the SNP in Glasgow. That selection was followed by a few ill-advised comments on his religious beliefs by Conservatives, Labour and (apparently) some SNP activists in The Scotsman comments- he previously had made some puerile public comments about John Knox and alleged anti-Catholic bias on the part of his ex-employer, the BBC

  • Mick Fealty

    Yep, Mr E is v good. Shuggy’s his less prolific equivalent on the left. I’ll include Kexia and Yousef directly.