Which political blogs do you read these days?

Today I’ll mostly be working on my yearly review of the Irish blogosphere for Total Politics magazine… I’m going to focus primarily on the way the political classes have taken (or rather not taken) to engaging with net conversations… With a mind to contrasting progress in Northern Ireland with that of the Republic… In terms of political blogs, I have my own favoured round of regulars but I’d like to hear who, other than Slugger of course, you are reading these days… I’d like to get a sense of whether the base is shifting, or whether people are beginning to take their reading more from their own social media networks, (ie on the like of Facebook or Twitter) than directly from bloggers these days… If you do have people you want to recommend, please remember include their shortened URLs (though tinyurl.com, url.ie or shorten.ie) …

  • Duth ealla


    notesonthefront.typepad.com – Michael Taft lefty economics blog


    cedarlounge.wordpress.com – good blog. like this one alot

    http://sinnfeinkeepleft.blogspot.com/ nice blog discussing SF direction and strategy

    http://www.progressive-economy.ie/ TASC research center’s social policy/economics blog.
    good for decent left leaning economic analysis

  • Ulick
  • Brian Walker

    Mick,I’m a small c conservative I’m afraid, still relying on the MSM, what you might call a professional heavy newspaper reader for many years. It takes a lot for blogs to find a niche with me. Is that my fault? Maybe, but life is short. But I use web editions including the BBC’s heavily (papers’still free!) and sometimes divert into the growing number of blogs they offer, if these count in your tally – Guardian market leader, Telegraph, Times, Indy now, even tentatively the Irish Times. Periodicals Spectator (Coffee House), Total Politics, New Statesman ( but put off by subs) Prospect’s rich web edition with blogs, FT before I run out of free hits, but not much on their blogs and forums. Euractiv portal worth mentioning for its great links to sites with blogs discussing Europe. On blogosphere pur et simple, I see but not compulsively the standards which have broken through the “talked about” barrier, Iain Dale, Tim Montgomerie etc, Conservative Home, Guido, Labour Home. ePolitix. Also Open Democracy, blogs in think tank websites IPPR, Demos, Policy Exchange plus RSA for Taylor, Cranmer for iconoclastic politics of religion. For Ireland, Irish Politics ie (is it?) seems moribund. Economic blogs, so important politically, seem better. I sometimes understand Stephen Kinsella and The Irish Economy. Worth stressing the poor-ish standard of economics journalism, writing and editing generally throughout the island, north and south. Aside from Sunday Business Post, it’s too bitty, too consigned to specialist pages, too hard to understand. Despite occasional good writing, the Irish Times is editorially abject in this area. There’s a crying need to convene economic debate for the general reader in Ireland. Anyone around to fill the niche?

  • For liberal unionist commentary that travels well, Chekov and O’Neill tick most of my boxes.

  • Mack

    Irish economy.ie – Mainstream / consensus Irish economics

    True Economics Free market economics from Constantin Gurdgiev

    Notes on the front Lefty economics from Michael Taft

    Turbelence ahead Austrian economics from Gerrard O’Neill

    Irish Liberty More Austrian / Libertarian views

    Ronan Lyons Irish economics

    Geckkos world right-of-centre economic and financial analysis

    Progressive economy Lefty version of Irisheconomy.ie

    The Free Marketeer right wing analysis

    Irish Libertarian More Irish Libertarianism

    Leo Varadkar Fine Gaeler

    Ulsters doomed NI demography / Republican politics

    Unionist / anti-liberal website

    NI Conservative views

    Bearish economic and property analysis

    Discussion of Irish financial / economic issues

    Lefty group blog

    Nordie lefty

    Unionist lite

    High brow unionism

    Nordie Sinn Fein Blog

    Derek Brawns website, not neccessarily a blog, lot’s of useful info though.

    Finfacts.com Financial and economic analysis from Michael Hennigan

    David McWilliams.ie. Essential reading, Irish economic and financial analysis

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Thanks guys… Keep them coming… One thing I am really interested in is your thoughts on the efforts of politicians (at any level)…

    In NI, we don’t yet seem to have a Tom Harris, Nadine Dorries, or a Lynne Featherstone. Although I would mark Daithi McKay and Niall Ó Donnghaile of Sinn Fein for especial mention, not simply for their blogging, but the way they use other social media like Twitter…

    Thoughts? Examples? Good or bad?

  • Brit

    Normblog, Harry’s Place, Oliver Kamm

  • For quality of writing; Three Thousand Versts and Splintered Sunrise.

    I’m most probably biased but the Conservative and Unionist wing of the Irish blogosphere is pretty healthy at the minute; NI Tory, Nabidana (sp?) Redemption’s Son (when he posts!) and the latest one http://tinyurl.com/lgq8sz. Along with our very own dissident wing (Jeffrey Peel) all worth a read.

    You could take the piss sometimes of his Beat Poet pretensions, but for literary style alone Gerry’s Leargas can be enjoyable reading. With politician’s generally, whether on Twitter, blog, facebook there’s not much two-way engagement, although Simon Hamilton will occasionally have a go back at the snipers on twitter 😉

    I’m getting more of my reading and references from Twitter, the number of blogs that I regularly read is definitely falling. The comments zones of the biggies (ie Slugger, ATW etc) hardly get a look in nowadays.

  • http://cedarlounge.wordpress.com/ in my opinion is by far the best All Ireland political blog at the moment

    http://splinteredsunrise.wordpress.com/ takes a refreshing approach on political issues

    http://www.revolutionaryireland.com offers excellent analysis on key economic issues from a left wing perspective

    http://eastbelfastdiary.blogspot.com/ offers very good reading on key domestic and social issues

    http://twentymajor.net/ has no hold bar analysis on Irish political issues

    http://www.therebelsyell.com funny and cynical look at national and international seen through the eyes of a traditional Irish Republican (or what main stream Republican’s now call Dissident!!!”)

  • Big Maggie


    I occasionally visit say three or four of those blogs you listed, apart from Slugger and El Blogador.

    Do you really visit them ALL on a regular basis? When do you sleep? :^)

    Seriously, thanks for the list. Very useful.

  • Mack

    Big Maggie –

    that’s only a small fraction (political related Irish blogs). I recommend an RSS reader. Google Reader or Bloglines.

  • Mack

    These are also worth a look –

    Karl Deeter – http://www.mortgagebrokers.ie/blog/
    Stephen Kinsella – http://www.stephenkinsella.net/

  • Oh my God!

    [i]In NI, we don’t yet seem to have a Tom Harris, Nadine Dorries, or a Lynne Featherstone.[/i]

    Thank fuck we don’t. Do you not think we have enough problems over here, especially with regard to the the calibre of our political representation, as it is without imbecilic Scottish socialists, demented fag hags and fat, loud, condescending women with chip shops on their shoulders?

    Daithí McKay is more than enough for me, cara.

  • [url=http://www.cedarlounge.wordpress.com/]Cedar Lounge Revolution[/url], [url=http://garibaldy.wordpress.com/]Garibaldy Blog[/url], [url=http://www.revolutionaryireland.com/]Socialism or Barbarism[/url], [url=http://eastbelfastdiary.blogspot.com/]East Belfast Diary[/url] and [url=http://www.overthebridgeni.wordpress.com/]Over The Bridge[/url] to name a few.

  • Ruairi

    I’d like to recommend John Kennedy. His weekly cartoons are excellent.


  • Big Maggie


    “imbecilic Scottish socialists, demented fag hags and fat, loud, condescending women with chip shops on their shoulders”

    Can we assume you disapprove of the aforementioned? You should come straight out and tell us instead of all that beating about the bush :^)

  • Seán
  • Have missed this so far due to work, my favourites are (in no particular order):

    Roe Valley Socialist

    Your Friend in the North: http://yourfriendinthenorth.blogspot.com/

    Three Thousand Versts: http://threethousandversts.blogspot.com/

    Over the Bridge: http://overthebridgeni.wordpress.com/

    Garibaldy: http://garibaldy.wordpress.com/

    Cedar Lounge Revolution: http://cedarlounge.wordpress.com/

    And Irish Left Review: http://www.irishleftreview.org/ although I have to declare an interest as I’m one of the group bloggers, but some of the others aren’t half bad