Outrage in Ballymoney…

Last year we tried (and failed) to get to the Oul Lammas Fair in Ballycastle (Oh!)… This year we may not even bother trying… Why? The Ballymoney Times brings the shocking news that there will be No sandwiches and tea at Quay Hall this Lammas Fair… Bobballs has the shocking details of life in Ballymoney according to its local newspaper… What was that about good news and bad news domains JP?

  • Rory Carr

    “No tea and sandwiches…”. Shocking. There’s only one thing for it – we’ll just have to take to drink.

  • Different Drummer

    Jesus Mic don’t you think you taking this trying to prove your multicultural credentials a bit far.

    Never mind about their tea what you putting in yours??

  • Mick Fealty


    Are you interested in playing the ball, or just playing the man? You know where the door is, if is the latter.

  • Different Drummer

    Y’know Mic I have been thinking about that long night we just shared. I’ve been thinking that I feel better for it – I have an opportunity to tell SOMEONE what it’s like being a gay man waiting for the clampdown and what a crime it is to say things are better when you very well they not.

    I bear witness to your neglect of your project for a better society and it fills me with fear Mic and yes anger.

    Because Mic if you are now prepared defend the indefensible
    then what hope is there for someone like myself.

    I tried to make lite of my own worry but you deleted that post.

  • Archie Purple

    Mick….Don’t despair….try the Coleraine end of the town and ye’ll get all the sandwiches and tae that you want and salad teas too…in the Presbyterian Church Hall….you’ll not go hungry

  • Different Drummer

    A bromide for bromide – Now There’s Equality!

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Thanks for that Archie,

    Oh, and remember you’re banned btw. If you want back in, you had better apply personally off site…

    DD, sounds like you ought to Twitter the event yourself.

  • Different Drummer

    I think you have been very brave in standing up for something better cos you know it’s not that I just expect you to live up to an idea – Liberal democracy – it is that have I must play my part too which through contributing here I want to play.

    But to your kind request to twiterize the 12the I must decline a man can only take so much abuse – and that is from his own side of tracks!!

    No kind admin 12th Not Till Next Year Now

    This site is actually celebrated in the gay community for as one of very few places were people can protest, report give opinions, so what I mean by this litany is that we look up to slugger so how about you reporting Gay Pride for balance
    and Mic and dear friends you will enjoy yourselves.

    I promise you that

    It’s time to put out the Rainbow bunting again.

    An unlimited selection of beverages will be available.


  • dunreavynomore

    “outrage” indeed Mick and I’m patiently waiting for some councillor or MLA to declare that “the whole area is devastated, so it is.”

  • Mick Fealty

    That’s a very good idea DD… (admin was me btw)… be my guest to run with it…

    I won’t respond on the liberal democracy save to say that people are entitled to all kinds of encrusted bias in the machine…

  • Different Drummer

    Liberal Democracy would be granted stranger than fiction I see Donegal OO have been doing fine under it for quite some time…

    Just tea there – no bromide

    But who even some people could benefit form that ex Bis Casey for one….

  • Glensman

    Another thread away to hell cos someone is off on a silly rant about something entirely different… I thought this only happened on Mark’s topics!

  • joeCanuck

    The last time I was at the fair, we went into a restaurant for lunch. The prices on the menu had been pencilled out and new, much higher prices added. I was back the following week on business and the pencil marks were erased. What a hoot. Nothing like being blatant about it, and cheap too.
    Aw well.

    hehehe: submit word is “list”

  • Pigeon Toes

    “we’ll just have to take to drink”

    It’s the only way to get though the two days of drudgery that is the “Ould Lammas Fair”.

    The “fair” is an odd mixture of Nutts Corner and 1970’s parochial “Sports Days”.

  • Hotish News!!

    The Quay Road Hall may be raised to the ground – to be replaced by this. Some folks are asking about the Men Behind The Byre 🙂

  • “Bobballs has the shocking details of life in Ballymoney according to its local newspaper”

    Balls, Bob. The Quay Road Hall is in Ballycastle!!

    PS It’s the Times edition for Ballymoney and Moyle council districts.

    PPS Any mention of the ‘Mayor’ of Moyle this week? 🙂

  • “Has anyone been to Ballymoney recently?”

    I was there yesterday, Bob; I even dropped in for a chat with the editor of the Ballymoney and Moyle Times!!

    Before that I’d popped into Ballymoney Museum with a family history query and ended up joining a history walking tour of the town conducted by Shirin, a member of the museum team.

    Ballymoney played a small part in the ’98 uprising and we passed by the site of the gallows where Alexander Gamble met his end. A few doors down was the site of the Manor House, one of the homes of local magistrate, George ‘Bloody’ Hutchinson. Ballymoney had been burnt to the ground in the earlier 1641 Wars of the Three Realms.

    The town’s more recent history seemed relatively benign. And with that thought in mind I adjourned to the Clock Tower Restaurant for a non-traditional Ballymoney dish.