Revenge of a tethered “goat”

Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Lester of Herne Hill, who resigned as unpaid adviser to Gordon Brown on constitutional affairs in November last year, has penned a scathing account of his time in Brown’s Government Of All the Talents and the constitutional reform and governance Bill which has subsequently emerged. From his Guardian article

The idea of building on the Human Rights Act by creating a Great Charter of Rights and Freedoms was entirely beyond ministers. The sad reality is that the government is illiberal and often deeply reactionary. It lacks imagination, ambition and respect for personal liberty. It continues to make too many vastly complex laws instead of making existing laws work in practice.

The prime minister still dreams of moving towards a modern democratic system of government in which ministers are made more accountable to parliament and a new constitutional framework is enacted with the consent of parliament and the people. That would strengthen our sense of citizenship and our bargaining position within the EU. But his dreams will not happen during the brief months of life remaining for his lame duck government. He and his colleagues have wasted the opportunity of a generation.