‘Catholic’ politicians?

In October last year I asked ‘Just where is Irish Republicanism at these days?’ with some thoughts on what defined being a republican. Of course, what gave rise to the question was pondering if many of those claiming the identity were either compatible with the term or altering the definition to fit their own ideology. Over on the Pensive Quill a similar topic has generated comment which resulted in a blog from Anthony on why he is using the term ‘Catholic Politicians/Party’ to describe Sinn Féin (I‘ve never seen him use it about the SDLP tbh). Like me, Anthony has clearly been pondering (and probably for a hell of a lot longer) if SF can currently be described as a republican, socialist or revolutionary organisation and while I lean towards describing them as constitutional nationalists, Anthony has decided to go with a much more direct and potentially inflammatory description of what is at the heart of SF these days. So, ‘Catholic Politicians’ – you buying Anthony’s logic or does it look like something designed to annoy?