Will the Ferris’s be next to jump?

Whatever is going on inside Sinn Fein it cannot be pleasant. Particularly in the Republic. If Mark Coughlan at Irish Election is right, it looks like the bulwarks of Sinn Fein in the south west, Martin and Toireasa Ferris, may be about to pull the plug on their time in politics… If it were to happen, then it will not be a huge surprise, particularly since Ms Ferris made it clear that her near miss in the Euros was something of a last dash for her… Perhaps she hears the sound of northern wagons circling once more?

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  • There is clearly some deep political and ideological problems within Sinn Féin that, far from resolving themselves, are leading to councillors leaving all over the place. I’m just waiting for a flood of posts denying there is a problem at all but it is there for us all to see.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    To lose a few (3 this year?) councillors who belatedly realised that ‘socialism’ was only a cloak of convienience for SF is one thing but to lose a few Ferrisses would be something of a disaster.

  • Salem

    Oh dear things arent looking too good – rose tinted glasses must have fallen off these councillors! But don’t forget SF will deliever a united ireland by 2016 !!!!- but they cant seem to hold on to their councillors.

  • Sean Og

    It seems to me that the difficulty of operating in two jurisdictions it getting too much for them.

    The reality of government in the North is a centre right coalition that implements policies Sinn Fein opposes in the South.

    The electorate and Southern councillors think the Northern leadership believe they are stupid and refuse to go along with what they see as a charade.

    Sinn Fein doesn’t appear to have any positive policies in the South. It just opposes everything with no alternative offered.

    Many Sinn Fein politicians in the South don’t understand the compromises those in power in the North have to make. Most of them don’t seem to understand the wealth has to be created before it can be distributed.

    There’s a serious conflict here but nothing that can’t be sorted out with improved internal communication.

  • kensei

    Losing both Ferris’s would put SF back about 15 years. Losing Toireasa Ferris only is probably ten.

    That would be something of a crisis. Interestign to see how the leadership react.

  • Sean Og

    Come on lets not have the old chestnut about how wealth is created, we all know how wealth is created, But we also understand how the fruits of peoples labour is stolen and wasted.

    No. the real question here is how wealth is distributed. That is why SF has a problem, a party cannot be the Queen and the bosses publicist in one jurisdiction and the workers friend in another. Fence, backside and splinter spring to mind.

    I have no wish to insult SF members, but as an outsider looking in that is the picture I see, unfair I am sure to many SF members, but I am far from the only one who takes this jaundiced view of SF these days.

  • slug

    Too speculative.

  • sinless

    Martin Ferris can hardly speak in either of the two official languages. He is hardly a loss. Sinn Fein is merely Fianna Fail without the mass and the experience. Ferris’ wife is an Aussie with some interesting baggage. Feris made a nice oration at the grave of Sean O’Callaghan’s da.

    SF will go the way of all Free State parties. Fair play to the Brits. They were faced with a revolution and they got the Provos the derail it.

    It is good to see the cracks. Like Clann na Poblachta, the Republican Congress, the Stickies and others, there ain’t no room for them. James Connolly called it partition.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Gerry Adams is being very successful in destroying the party. He with mcguiness and gerry kelly’s help are taking the party down a road many don’t want it to go.
    Back in the 90’s sinn fein put in someone close to gerry adams in the US to run the American support here in the states. This someone was denis donaldson who outed himself years later as an agent for MI5.
    Here is where it’s interesting. Donaldson implemented a plan that did not allow Americans to question the road gerry adams and mcguniess was taking sinn fein. If an American did (which I was one) then the plan was implemented. To mock-question the person’s inteligence–question the American’s knowledge of Ireland and then to attack the US policies from day one to current. This off course was the plan to get these people from influencing other members of sinn fein to take a different road.
    Because the denis donaldson’s approach is being used on sinn fein members…it begs the question..who is orchrastrating this plan. Certainily not denis donaldson who is dead.

  • ingram

    coffee anybody.

    Ding Ding

  • A N Other

    Marty – welcome back 🙂

  • Pete whitcroft

    I’ve often thought, why are the young men who went to talk to Whitelaw in the 70’s still alive and now leading their party.
    Is it because the powers that be wanted it to happen?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Pete whitcroft,

    all one big plot from start to finish – clever fuckers the MI5 organising the flattening of the city of London, killing their own soldiers and nearly killing Thatch in Brighton – puzzling at first – but wait – that of course that can be explained by the fact that the Ruskies had infiltrated MI5 and Grizzly probably was the ‘fifth’ man.

  • Johnnieismarchinghome

    “.1-Martin Ferris can hardly speak in either of the two official languages. He is hardly a loss. Sinn Fein is merely Fianna Fail without the mass and the experience.
    2-Ferris’ wife is an Aussie with some interesting baggage.
    3-Feris made a nice oration at the grave of Sean O’Callaghan’s da.”

    1- Ferris is a very smart operator, well liked and without him in N.Kerry , SF is finished.

    2- Marie Ferris is a lady- well liked and widely esteemed throughout Ireland. Her ‘baggage’ is that she was divorced in Austrailia, and has a son Eamon, from that marriage. Eamon was raised by Martin and Marie- he is a fine young man, well loved by his step-father whom he in turn holds in the highest esteem.
    3- Yes indeed Martin did give a good oration at O Callaghans snr funeral- at the request of the old man before he died.

    All testament to the type of man ‘Pony’ Ferris is.
    As for Toireasa, well educated, well-liked etc. She is young, and with youth comes inexperience.

    I will jump for joy if there is truth to this- The Ferris’ do not belong in Sinn Fein. Both Martin and Toireasa (and indeed Marie)are principled, sound Republicans and there aren’t many of them left in Sinn Fein these days.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Adams should resign–Martin Ferris should be elected as Pres. of Sinn Fein and Breandan Macconnaith should be asked back to the party him and his friends…and then Breandan who has the courage to stand up to the orange order on Garhavy road….he should be given Martin McGuinees’ job…and Martin McGuiness should go as well…that way the party has a chance. Without it sinn fein is morphing into a loyalist party with just a hint of republicanism

  • post 14

    Well said.


    Lets not forget that Martin was a member of the army council and worse,one of those within it who manipulated the direction of the PRM at the cost of many true republicans.

  • sinless

    Post 17. Interesting.
    Martin Ferris might well be a good operator and he has probably some good GAA connections from his pre 4 in a row time before he switched to cavorting with Donaldson and itinerant Aussies.

    Kerry North was the only constituency not to have a FG TD until FG put in the 4 in a row GAA hero. Martin Ferris can be seen as a similar but less gifted individual.

    His wife should be deported as part of Ireland’s fight on the war on terror.

  • Peter Fyfe

    Kathy C

    What is true republicanism? I assume by your posts it does not require respecting the democratic wishes of the Irish people? I always believe Tone believed in a more democratic country than that with which he faced. Do you realise many Catholics in the North have not got much of a problem with orange marches and certainly will not vote on that single factor? Do you realsie most see Breandan Macconnaith as a complete tool with nothing to offer? And your concerns for american’s concern for how the party is heading, I as a Ballymena man who lives here can not give a flying fuck how yanks think our process should be moving as I am quite happy with peace and the democratic workings we now enjoy.