Go get your caman Cristiano, yer playing…

Cristiano Ronaldo takes up his Caman

  • Peter Fyfe

    “If only I could be as great as the Sheff’.”

  • Peter Fyfe

    “Hope some day I can hit frees like your boy Canning.”

  • Mark McGregor

    The IRA at play. That famous ‘step-over’ was clearly just a technique learnt while running and avoiding the barrel of a Barrett Light 50.

  • Gertntfe

    “I’m ready for the manager’s punishment beating.”

  • JT

    Cork try out a new full forward!

  • Ulster Native

    Lol, the great Ronaldo playing our native game! Good find! I wonder are the team watching any games?

  • Charles E Hardwidge

    It is nice that a Portuugese guy can appreciate Irish culture. Maybe some British people could take note?

  • dantheman

    I never realised Ronaldo was a member of the IRA, hellbent on the ethnic cleansing of Ulster Protestants from “thur native lawnd”

  • DoctorWho

    “Nah did is shit man, der´s no money in it”.

  • Gréagoir O Frainclín

    Worlds greatest footballer Ronaldo emulates greatest Ulster hero Cuchulainn!

  • RepublicanStones

    That doesn’t look like a 35 or 36, seems someone has given him a 30 by the looks of it. The diver is no short ass !