Dublin and Offaly

Antrim fans will be on the move again this weekend with the Hurlers fighting relegation in Dublin on Saturday and the Footballers playing their Round 4 match in Tullamore on Sunday.

Saturday 25th July
Minor Hurling ¼ Final – Parnell Pk 1.15pm
Aontroim v Gaillimh

Liam McCarthy Cup Relegation Round 1 – Parnell Pk 3.00pm
Aontroim v Uíbh Fhailí

Sunday 26th July
All Ireland Senior Football Championship Qualifiers Round 4
Tullamore 3.00pm
Aontroim v Ciarraí

  • John O’Connell

    That’s what I call bad luck. To be beaten by Tyrone only to have to face Kerry.

  • Random Quotes

    Seriously, why are people posting sporting dates on Slugger? Clearly anything goes. I will await the ‘Michael Jackson – murdered or not?’ debate shortly….

  • this site is named “Slugger O’Toole” with the sub header “Notes on Northern politics and CULTURE.

    Sport is one of the primary elements of culture along with language & religion.

    n’est pas ?

  • Random Quotes

    MTW, surely posting the dates to the next rugby/Gaelic/soccer match is stretching things a little? Culture – yes, a Sports Calender – not so much.

  • unless you posted the same complaint about the cricket and rugby (which I don’t remember you doing) then you’re just letting your veil slip. Be off and do something constructive with your time rather than submitting your, obvious one-sided, postings.

    Congrats to Antrim for advancing so far/well this summer; I was at the hurling semi in Croker – great craic. I hope you bring a good crowd to Tullamore (The Babylon of the Bog) and show up those ‘Kingdom’ supporters who never travel.

    Ath Cliath abu!!!

  • the sooner Notes on Northern Ireland politics and CULTURE contains more posts about sports, the boring ol’ weather and other mundane elements of normal western society, then the better.

    I’d take that over sectain killings, bigoted triumphalism & riots any day

  • Drumlins Rock

    does that include sectarian bigoted sports?

  • Drumlin Sock: there’s not too many games being played in Winsor Park these days… undergoing an upgrade to bring it up to the standards of the 21st century…. next project might be the attendees !!!

  • Pat the Baker

    [i]I have refrained from posting on the various GAA threads till now, I’m not gonna post so of the abusive tripe others have[/i]

    Posted by Drumlins Rock on Jul 20, 2009 @ 06:24 PM

    [i] does that include sectarian bigoted sports?[/i]

    Posted by Drumlins Rock on Jul 20, 2009 @ 08:24 PM

    And to think, you were doing so well before the mask slipped.

  • Drumlins Rock

    sorry Pat, I let tuppence wind me up and turned it back on him.

    however its pretty tame compared the abusive vile attacks directed towards me as an Orangeman on here over the last few weeks.

    I still say it is sectarian though…

  • skullion

    Brilliant couple of days to look forward to.A quick trip to Dublin on Saturday followed by a slightly more arduous trip on Sunday.I would implore all Antrim fans if at all possible to go to both games.Lets face it this is a rare treat for our county with both codes still involved in the middle of July albeit for rather different prizes.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Crowd prediction Mark, Pat?

  • Johnnieismarchinghome

    Up Antrim!

    Kerry are beatable.

  • Pat the Baker

    Better off to have an Antrim man answer that, Sammy, as I don’t know what the appetite will be for another long journey and how much Saturday night’s hurling game will have an impact.

    All I can guarantee is that the Antrim support will outnumber Kerry’s at least 2:1 (Kerryman 1: ”Are you going to the semi-final?” Kerryman 2: ”Nah, I’ll wait for the final”)

    Rough estimate: 15,000

  • Brendan,Belfast

    Crowd estimate for Sunday – 11 – 12,000.

    Virtually no Kerry support, less than 1,000 and hopefully about 9 – 10,000 Antrim supporters and a few curious locals thrown in for good measure.

    I’d say we had about 17,000 in Clones on Sunday, some of them first timers who were there because it was a final (thats not a criticism). If 9 or 10k of them make the journey – hopefully its not too ardous, an hour off the M50? – then Antrim will have a decent support.

  • Pat the Baker

    Bit harsh on the Kerry fans there Brendan. Obviously they’re not exactly the most excitable lot (33 Sams on only a chance to get revenge on the mighty Tyrone or to shut up the Dubs for another year seems to get them motivated) but they’ll be able to rely on a good bit of support from exiles living in Dublin. That ought to count for several hundred at least.

  • Random Quotes

    MTW, I missed posting on the cricket and rugby stories, however next time I see one, rest assured I will complain there too.
    No veil slippage, I promise. Although its nice to know your always here to uncover some deep seeded sectarianism that may or may not exist.

  • exile

    Not a happy camper:


    Bradley predicts only about 1,500 Antrim fans will make the journey. Seems a bit of an exaggeration but he has a point about Kerry getting an extra day of rest.

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  • Brendan,Belfast

    Pat the baker – maybe you are right and Kerry will bring along a few hundred exiles,but that would still make for less than a thousand, no??

    Bit of codology from Baker this morning I think. There will be a helluva lot more than 1,500 Antrim fans at this game. I think it will be at least 5,000 +.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’d guess Antrim will be back to Ballybofey levels with few Kerry ones traveling and some locals. Guess 7/8,000. My club isn’t even sure if it’ll be running a bus yet, probably due to the short notice, but it’d be a shame and odd if less people made the effort to get to a Round 4 match than went to the first one.

  • skullion


    As was discussed here yesterday by both Brendan and Mark a double header would have made more sense.However i wou;d take issue with Brendan as regards the split in support.Very few supporters from the glens made the trip to Clones to watch the football.They would obviously have been supporting the footballers but the overwhelming number attending would have been from south west Antrim and Belfast.

  • brendan,belfast

    Come on Mark, you book a bus, you circulate a notice to club members, you stick the notice up on the county website. Get in gear – they deserve our support.

    The Aggies bus is booked and filling rapidly. We’re on the road again….

  • Mark McGregor


    A bus is reserved, money being collected as we speak, it was announced on club site and emailed to members. I’m confident it will go but it hasn’t been confirmed. I’ll be there regardless. To be honest I find the prospect of playing Kerry in Round 4 with a QF in Croke as the prize as exciting as an Ulster Final, for some reason many others don’t.

  • blinding

    Come on Antrim, Kerry are there for the taking and how often do you get an opportunity like that.

  • Random Quotes ”MTW, I missed posting on the cricket and rugby stories, however next time I see one, rest assured I will complain there too. No veil slippage, I promise. Although its nice to know your always here to uncover some deep seeded sectarianism that may or may not exist. “

    You understand that it’s Slugger O’Toole” with the sub header “Notes on Northern Ireland…” and therefore what is/isn’t said, tone and any & all implied meanings come into play.

    “No veil slippage” – grand so. Then rest assured I respect your opinion and posting concerns about sporting fixtures and match dates & times.

    Regarding attendance: I know of a Kerry club president who has been to every club game possible this year. He’s seen the country team since the begining of the championship. He’s even travelled to the Leinster final to check out the possible competitors but he won’t travel to Awfully for the Antrim game…. he won’t admit it but I think he (like a lot of southerners) fears / hates anyone from the Sick Cos. Fools.