Ulster Final Live blog

Away to the match enjoy.

  • saffron rose

    Hope the weather holds up! Good luck lads

  • the joxer

    looking bad at half-time, boys..

  • Rory Carr

    Tyrone gave Antrim a master class today and Cavanagh showed himself a master of cool, composure and control. But more importantly Cavanagh played as paort of a well co-ordinated team whereas the worthy Cunningham for Antrim was playing a solo game among team mates who semed to have no appreciation of where their support might lie at any juncture in play.

    Well done, Tyrone. Antrim – must try harder!

  • Mark McGregor

    Live Blog now closed. Thanks to those who ensured it stayed open, comments may have been light but you allowed the 240 odd unique visitors to pick up the content, also Chris, Daithi and Niall for Twittering from the match – something that I now realise is a real commitment and a slight distraction.

    Don’t know if I’ll have the energy for a review -hopefully Chris will feel suitably inspired.

    The best team by far won, though it was one hell of an experience for the Saffs and I think Rory above was expecting more than such a young team and inexperienced, at this level have to deliver (for now).

    Roll on the Round 4 draw and fingers crossed its not a nightmare journey for Antrim.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Mark, any idea of the size of the crowd?

  • Brendan,Belfast

    No doubt the best team (in the country) won. Our lads seemed to simply freeze in the first half, it was like watching the ‘old’ Antrim with too many missed passes, poor decisions on the ball, marking which was far too loose.

    We definitely rallied in the second half and had we scored a goal at the midway point it would have been interesting to see what the response would have been.

    When it all comes down though players like Cavanagh, McMahon and O’Neill are just a class apart.

    A word on the occassion, – it was one to savour. The Antrim fans were terrific, in great voice and in great colour. My kids will never forget their first Ulster final.

    Fingers crossed for Wicklow in qualifiers, would love to get to Croke Park again with Antrim.

  • Pat the Baker


  • well done

    Tyrone certainly deserve the title of best team in Northern Ireland. Well done lads.

  • Mark McGregor


    Can’t say I saw a single empty seat nevermind 2.5k looked like a fullhouse to me and some of those on the gates etc can be quite ‘flexible’ at St Tiernach’s.

  • George

    “Fingers crossed for Wicklow in qualifiers, would love to get to Croke Park again with Antrim.”

    Wicklow are crossing their fingers that they get Antrim.

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    Was a great day at Clones, i dont think either team played to their full potential today with a bit of hashing about by both sides, Cunningham played well for Antrim though I think some of his teammates were awe struck by the whole occasion.
    Hope to see Antrim reach Croke Park for the quarters.

  • Pat the Baker

    Mark, you could well be right but that’s the official attendance and I’d be doubtful as to whether the standing section opposite the Gerry Arthur(?) was full. Nevertheless, you were there and I wasn’t.

    Fair play to Antrim, very hard-working, determined lads with a terrific attitde and coaching set-up. Word on Hogan Stand is that they’ve been drawn against Donegal though that could be rubbish.

    Tír Eoghain abú

  • Stewart

    Draw has not been made yet, it’s coming up on the Sunday game.

    Fair play to Antrim, put in an admirable display against Tyrone, but too big a hurdle for the Saffrons.

    Great to see 15k plus supporters from Antrim make the journey and the flags, songs and great passion from the fans really added to the game today.

    If ever a county had the chance to harness a huge pool of support its Antrim, and its a bit baffling why they have never managed to get some success in the past.

    Good luck to the Saffrons in the draw, they have been a breath of fresh air in this years Ulster Championship.

  • Pat the Baker

    Stewart, “Draw has not been made yet”

    Oohhhh yes it has! The draw is always, always pre-determined. For example, why do Ulster teams always have an amazing propensity to be drawn against each other? It’s happened every round so far this year.

    Also, I remember watching it a few years back when a team name, Laois, appeared on the screen before the man had stuck his hand in the bowl, only for the name to suddenly disappear from the screen. Low and behold, who was the next country drawn out? Laois.

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    I wouldnt be shocked with an all ulster draw either.
    Jason Sherlock gave away the name of the team Dublin were drawn against in an interview after a game a few years back before the draw was made.

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    oooh Kerry!
    Tough draw but kerry are stuttering at the minute and are beatable by Anrim firing on all cylinders!!
    Cmon the saffrons!!

  • Pat the Baker

    They blatantly changed it at the last minute! Joking.

    Up Antrim.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Pat the Baker,

    ta, good crowd – tough draw – where will game be played?

  • Mark McGregor

    Neutral venvue, equidistant for both fans – they’ve gotta give us Croker!

  • Pat the Baker

    At a eutral venue, to be decided tomorrow Sammy. My guess would be Longford, Navan or even as part of a double header at Croker if it’s free.

  • Brendan,Belfast

    It can’t be Croke – U2 are in residence next weekend. (anyone want a pair of face value for tickets for Saturday – I will be otherwise engaged).

    I’d say Parnell Park would be a viable option. County officers already talking about pressing for a double header with the hurlers relegation play off V Offaly.

  • Pat the Baker

    Brendan, I think it’d be a disgrace to have the match played at Parnell Park. That place can hold no more than 13,000. A stadium with at least 20-25,000 capacity is required for this game. But it’s GAA HQ we’re talking about here so expect the unexpected. Cancel U2, I say, for Antrim deserve Croker!

  • brendan,belfast

    I think its wishful thinking to imagine a 20,000+ pluc turbout for the next game. Lets face it, if its away from home, Kerry will bring about 18 supporters to it. Our own level of support will inevitably drop off from a high of yesterday, to about 7 – 9,000. Parnell Park could accomodate it rightly, and be handier than Clones.