138th Open Championship play-off

If you’re a golf fan you’ll already know that a bogey on the 18th hole has left 59 year-old 5-times former champion Tom Watson in a 4 hole play-off against fellow American Stewart Cink for the 138th Open Championship at Turnberry. Watson has been amongst the leaders since the first round. Online live video here. Adds Cink takes an early lead with a par to Watson’s +1 on the 1st play-off hole. Great save for par by Watson on 2nd. No Change. Another 2 shots dropped by Watson on 3rd to Cink’s birdie. Cink clinches it on the final hole with another birdie to Watson’s bogey. A tremendous effort by Watson throughout the week, but it wasn’t to be. Adds From today’s Irish Times

YOU FELT it last evening, a cold chill passing over the grand links of Turnberry as the ghosts of Old Tom Morris, Willie Park, Harry Vardon and all those other greats of bygone times accepted it was not to be and returned to their spiritual resting places.

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  • the future;s bright, the future’s orange

    thought watson had it in the bag after his drive on the 18th!

  • Beat Taker

    is Gerry Adams playing pete u bloody free-speech denying fascist!!!!

  • Pete Baker

    Me too, “future”.

    Particularly after the birdie on the 17th.

  • the future;s bright, the future’s orange

    this is hard to watch now…

  • RepublicanStones

    Wouldn’t begrudge Cink, but what a shame for Watson, horrid few shots in that playoff.

  • DoctorWho

    Think it was great to see Watson do so well, proving that you are never past it. Thought he had it won on the last hole.
    But well done Cink.

  • lurig

    Could have cried have Watson, that was hard to watch. I think his years crept up on him when he had that putt to win it. When he fluffed it you just knew he was going to lose the play off. He looked weary and beaten after that and Cink didn’t really have to do a lot. Sport, and life, is cruel!

  • villager

    Have to agree with fanclub. Watched it with interest but I don’t know what it’s doing here!

  • Pete Baker

    It’s very simple, villager.

    Human interest.

    And I thought it was interesting and/or important.

    Outside the usual boxes, certainly.

    But none the worse for that.

  • villager

    Fair enough Pete but I’d prefer slugger to do what it says on the tin – ‘notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture’. This other stuff can be got elsewhere.

  • Pete Baker

    “I’d prefer slugger to do what it says on the tin”

    And we do, villager.

    With occasional added extras.

  • the future;s bright, the future’s orange

    Plenty of Northern Irish interest in the open – maybe not highlighted in this thread but with, I think, 3 players from here making the cut, there certainly was a lot of interest :).

  • The play off was painful to watch. Watson was running on empty and his timid putt on the eighteenth really signalled the end of his challenge. Still, an extraordinary effort. I’d imagine he’ll miss the cut in the Senior Open having expended such a super-human effort on the real thing.

  • If we have to have irrelevant human interest stories on Slugger, could we at least have comment which indicates that posters at least witnessed it, and understood what happened?

    Watson lost the Open by choosing to putt out of the apparently thick grass on the edge of the green, resulting in his going 8-feet passed the pin. He should have chipped out.

    His feeble putt back was predictable.

    Even I could have gotten down in two from the edge of the green, so I have little sympathy for Watson.

    Cink deserved to win. He kept fighting until the very end.

  • I am most disappointed by Slugger’s growing addiction to all kinds of irrelevant matters, especially what happens in sports and in the heavens.

    Why is there no thread, for example, about Constitutional Minister Jack Straw’s pathetic proposals for constituional reform? Has the twit been asleep, as usual, during the current political crises in Britain?

    Even Vernon Bagdanor considers them pretty pathetic.

    If the current malaise continues, I shall stop even looking at the site occasionally.