“It was dignified, it was silent, it didn’t intimidate anybody”

According to the BBC report, the UDA-linked UPRG in the area have claimed that a gathering of 150 loyalists in Londonderry on Thursday, who “walked around mainly loyalist housing estates in the Waterside for two hours before dispersing”, was not a show of strength. Rather it was a protest against “most unionist politicians [who] have abandoned grass roots loyalist communities.”

“It was dignified, it was silent, it didn’t intimidate anybody,” said David Malcolm, regional secretary of the Ulster Political Research Group.

That would be the same regional UPRG who have “withdrawn their support for political institutions and the PSNI”. According to the same BBC report, “The police said they monitored the group throughout and no offences were committed and no complaints were made by the public.” Perhaps they were just “volunteers patrolling” in the area.. Of course Derry, and Ardoyne, have seen similar displays before.