Returning to the Roma

In the aftermath of attacks on Roma in Belfast I was heavily criticised by some for this blog. Some were annoyed to such a level they felt compelled to send emails which in one case reached a level of seeming threatening. The main complaints were over questioning if all the people presenting themselves as affected were solely doing so as a result of the attacks – a question subsequently raised by Michael Graham of the Housing Executive. Also, challenging the wisdom of those groups bringing people onto the streets (groups not mentioning their names while organising protests, as happened again when a leading member of the Socialist Party rebutted comment without declaring his position on the MSM this evening) and upping the ante while being unable to give the support needed to those they were acting on behalf of – an issue also raised in Fortnight by Derek Hanway of An Munia Tober Travellers Centre.

I assume that means these people join me on the list of anti-antiracists?