European Unionism

Mick has blogged on some difficulties facing the Tories new political grouping in the European Parliament. However, Jim Nicholson has also suffered as a result of sticking with his UCUNF colleagues. After many years as a Quaestor in the European Parliament (one of 5 MEPs elected by colleagues to look after administration in the Parliament) his decision to stick with the Conservatives and pals meant his fellow MEPs decided that he was no longer fit for purpose and dumped him from the role.

Also, while Diane Dodds is making public noises on distancing herself from the BNP, I wonder how real her complaints and cordon sanitaire will be when she realises as a fellow ‘non-inscrit’ she will have to negotiate either directly or at one remove, via a shared supporting secretariat, with them and other fascists like the Hungarian Jobbik and French Front National on matters such as speaking time in Plenary.

  • You have greater faith in her grasp of such subtleties than many Mark.

  • Mark McGregor


    I’m not sure how the negotiations occur but all the ‘non-inscrit’ are essentially treated as a technical group for distribution of things like speaking time. I’ve checked the Rules of Procedure and can’t see how they work out who is allocated what. Maybe a member of the DUP or TUV can explain exactly how they work this out with the fascists they end up lumped with.

  • Thanks for the info Mark. I’ll not hold my breath for them to come forward.

  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    Mark Mcgregor;
    Grow up and call the Conservatives and Unionists by the name they are known as in the European Parliament; any none English speaking European would think you were either illiterate or speaking gobbledy-gook. You might not wish for UK national politics to come to Northern Ireland; however for those of us who do; it is our right to be Conservatives an Unionists here just as it is for the SDLP/Fianna Fael to try here.