Slugger at the Ulster Football Final

At Chris’ suggestion we will be running another Live blog covering the Ulster Football Championship Final between Antrim and Tyrone on Sunday 19th. People attending can use the #usfc for their Twitter feed. If you don’t use Twitter you can sign up and register your phone to provide updates which will automatically be picked up by the Live blog.

As Chris and I will both be at the match and Mick is away we need a couple of volunteers to administer the Live blog – this just involves approving comments and commentators as they come in. To get the full days events it would require people free from morning until early evening (you don’t need to cover this all). Any takers drop me a mail.

As I’ve had my tickets for a while I can’t chaperone anyone interested in attending but if you want to make it along I know Antrim have a limited number of tickets still available (no idea about Tyrone)

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