And that’s all for this 12th folks, but keep adding the pictures…

Okay, here’s a slideshow of the days events… if you have photos to add (and we’re keen to demonstrate all sides of today’s story) simply upload your work to Flickr and add it to Slugger’s 12th July 2009 group and it will automatically appear above… If you put them in the Northern Ireland group too they’ll appear for a while on the top of the site… Thanks to Mark, Gonzo, Quintin and Sean for being our roving reporters… and to Fair Deal for his Orangeman’s story installments… and ‘Drumlin Rock’, ‘The Dissenter’, Clive and Gary for their contributions from Fivemiletown, Dromore in Tyrone, Larne and Banbridge… thus insuring we didn’t get completely trapped in the Belfast bubble… Night all, and enjoy the photos: the good and the bad…

  • Wolfe Tone

    I’m a Republican – no need to reopen any of the usual debates. All I want to say is how stunned I am by the quality of the photographs. Your contributors really have a good eye for the unobvious and quietly significant.

  • Brian Walker

    My impression of the Belfast parade from the coverage is that the numbers were down, that the bands spent a fortune on uniforms and that flute bands dominated – very few accordions and bagpipes, not to mention brass. This suggests less interest in musicianship.

  • ed

    how embarassing that the picture on display features a Canadian flag, I know we have these people but like the kkk we try and ignore them

  • loki

    Mick and the guys- some seriously good pics here. Maybe you should all give up blogging and take up photo-journalism. Seriously.

  • Brian, first, the health of flute band competitions suggests that musicality remains strong among flute – but it is also the least expensive entry option if you want to start a band.

    Accordion, pipe, and some brass, more prevalent in the country parades. At the Relief of Londonderry parade you even see a concertina band from Liverpool – quite unique to Liverpool. Partly, the length of the parade is a factor why flute is most prevalent in Belfast, though the value of the instruments may be a bigger influence (also related to length of parade is its raining!!!). Also why lambegs are rarely in Belfast: in fact I have never seen them walking in Belfast. Just to put a cost on some of this, a wee drop of rain yesterday got to some Lambeg skins and that’s £130 for a new skin.