Slugger live blog: 12th July Orange Fest…

Okay, it’s the 11th night (I know it’s the 12th, but it’s a Sunday). People are gathering all over Northern Ireland to celebrate at a local bonfire. You can participate by using the hashtag #Slugger12th and it will appear in the live blog above. We’ll have a team out in Belfast, and various other big venues tomorrow, but we are keen to hear from people out in the west in places like Omagh, Rownowlagh, Dungannon, Enniskillen and Derry and particularly from small towns, villages and townlands. Send us you photos, texts and videos to… or text me on 07984 1503999…

  • Drumlins Rock

    by Hatefest I persume you meant the traditional protestors at the Ardoynes shops?

    sadly the BBC usually shows more of that, just back from a quiet dignified parade and service, no sign of hate, drink, triuphalism or anything vaguely sinister, just lots of families out watching and a very enjoyable service. Oh it was in an 80% catholic town but we seem to be learning to live together quite well round here.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    BY Hatefest, I think s/he means to wind people up and pick a sectarian fight. And Lurig is obliging by tuning it up to the max.

    This is a serious forum for people who want to swap opinions and views, it’s not for wind up merchants. If you are going to crack a funny, try and make it actually funny.


    Now now Slugger O’Toole admin you DO protest too much! Are you letting your own personal bias get in the way of a laugh or something to stir the debate? What have I said, ridiculed or lambasted that ‘The Hole In the Wall Gang’ haven’t already or have I hit a raw (truthful) nerve with some of you?

  • Danny O’Connor

    The bonfire across the road is well underway and seems to be going down fast.
    No horrible black smoke due to the absence of tyres,hardly any spectators.
    Ulster and Munster flags burned -though still not as intimidating as previous years.
    a very small step in the right direction.

  • Dewi

    Fascinating. What’s different from last year…or the year before…

  • Mick Fealty

    Right lads, live blog is live again…

    PS, Lurig, Beeehave…

  • Drumlins Rock

    think Lurig is on his way to Tyrone lol
    not sure if can get access on my phone, if i send you a text can you explain how to get on to it from a mobile mick?
    will see if i can send you a wee report or even some pick from the Clogher Valley 12th,

    hope yous have fun,

  • chris

    wheres the rain ?

  • Carnlough

    North down defenders flute band openly carry uda/uff flags and the bbc commentators love and smyth choose not to highlight this.lovely

  • Comrade Stalin


    There is a culture in this place where the dirty underbelly of unionism should be overlooked or kept hidden from view. Whether it’s unionist politicians taking to a platform alongside known murderers and loyalist organizers, or people marching with banners of proscribed organizations, nobody wants to rock the boat by mentioning it too loudly.

  • Frank

    Strange that the BBC commentators failed to tell us about the history of Monkstown YCV flute band during the break in proceedings in today’s television coverage. I recall Kevin McNamara raising the issue in parliament about the UVF paramilitary connections.

    Also, perhaps Clifford Smyth could have given us some insight into the banners carried by some of the bands in today’s parade, like the Pride Of Ardoyne band who’s banner commemorates loyalist UVF terrorists.

  • Tricolour


    Funny how orange means something totally different when its joined by green and white, at least to some.

  • Sam Flanagan

    That would be Kevin McNamara the “Papal Kinght,” your referring to. A “Papal Knight” is hardly the right person to be questioning anyone about any connections.
    Still, he has plenty of company, Rupert Murdoch is a “Papal Knight” as well.

  • Carnlough

    Comrade-no doubt your correct.We all know what happens when loyalists don’t get their way.It was quite ironic that mr Love and mr Smyth stated there was no paramilitary flags at this years parade then about 10 minutes later the north down band came past.Also one of the Shankill Road bands clearly had reference to Brian Robinson on their bass drum.Tullycarnett flute band carried UDA flags as well

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin


    Those are things worth noting, but it is also worth noticing the huge differences being wrought on this occasion. For instance, Mario Queen of the surface body surfing the crowds in the centre of town.

    All I would say is get out and document what you see whether you like it or object to it. If the Beeb is missing it, then we certainly will not!!! In other words, don’t just carp sit at your computer, help us craft the news!!

  • jone

    The bellowing drunk with UVF tattos staggering along Bedford Street at about 1330 was clearly having an enjoyable Orangefest.

    Having the shops open is major progress as it meant (a) I could actually get lunch and(b)the presence of non-parading types removed that ‘ghost-town with an underlying sense of menace’ vibe

  • Frank


    I presume the Band that celebrate UVF killer Brian Robinson at Orange Order parades is Shankill Star fb.

    The UFF band that remember UFF commander Joe Bratty were also on parade at today’s 12th.

    Perhaps Clifford and the BBC just missed all the paramilitary banners, flags and symbols at today’s 12th parade, including the North Down Band

  • Sam Flanagan

    Why do Americans continue to tolerate vists by the Antichrist to the USA?

  • the future;s bright, the future’s orange

    reports that republicans are throwing petrol bombs at the police at ardoyne. road remains open.

  • the future;s bright, the future’s orange
  • the joxer

    Seems like a rather tragic accident in Killyleagh. Condolences to the family of the deceased.