How was your Eleventh Night..?

THE weather is a bit calmer now than it was earlier tonight, when I expect the Eleventh Night bonfires were lit. If you survived the driving rain and wind at any of the bonfires – or new beacons – how did the event go? Was there anything new this year of note? More or less overt sectarianism?

Meanwhile, Orange Grand Master Robert Saulters has told the BBC he has no problem with Portadown Orangemen talking to Garvaghy Road residents about the disputed Drumcree parade. And after meeting both Garvaghy residents and Drumcree Orangemen, DUP leader and First Minister Peter Robinson is optimistic that the two opposing groups will get together and hammer out a solution. I hope it’s more than wishful thinking, but it’s a more positive approach than the tension-raising methods chosen by some in recent days on both sides of the divide.
(Pic of the Pitt Park bonfire, east Belfast, by Moochin Photoman.)