#slugger12th – covering it from all sides and none

Plans for Slugger coverage of events on the 13th of July are falling into place. I can confirm details of the two main activities we will be engaged in.

First up, online – there will be a Live Blog running from 8.30am. We’d like everyone be they supporter, participant, protestor or utterly indifferent to feel free to add their views/impressions to this. Contributions can be sent in directly to the Live blog, via Twitter and Twitpic or, if you prefer direct to Mick via email and/or phone – Mick will be manning Slugger central throughout the day. Those out and about with me will be providing updates/impressions/photos etc to the Live blog before adding more substantial views later. We will be using #slugger12th on Twitter, so add it and we’ll pick up your feed.The ‘out-and-about’ team, currently me and three others, are hitting the streets for our local morning parades then Belfast, Bangor and the Ardoyne return. This plan was based on the need to use public transport in the Greater Belfast area but one of the participants has offered a car so we will be flexible and could alter the schedule to hit a rural parade.

If you aren’t signed up to Twitter or Twitpic now would be a good time to join up as you can update via your mobile and it will join the Live blog almost immediately.

The Live blog will be open to anyone attending any parade for any reason and we’re keen to have contributions from other parades, particularly rural ones those in England, Scotland, possibly Canada and anywhere else and of course to people just wanting to discuss what is going on.

And you are still most welcome to join me and the others getting into the action, drop me a mail or just get out and do it yourself.

Remember, this isn’t a billboard or advertisement for the Orange Order, we want to hear positives and negatives, real opinions based on experience not assumption.

Blogging at: http://heartsofoakandsteel.wordpress.com