North-South Ministerial Council meets today

Apparently the North-South Ministerial Council meets today with Taoiseach Brian Cowen and the Northern Ireland First and deputy First Ministers in attendance and economic issues on the agenda. According to Irish Times report

Mr Cowen said that the meeting would be an opportunity to review the excellent progress already made. “It will enable us to focus ever more keenly on the future benefits to be attained by working together on a cross-Border basis.”

It’s not clear whether [Irish] chicken will be on the menu..

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  • Yes indeed – there’s been excellent progress. Foras na Gaeilge has managed to close down two Irish language newspapers that pre-existed it and the Good Friday Agreement….

  • Today’s agenda doesn’t appear on the NSMC website. It seems the spirit of its FOI Code of Practice isn’t fully functional 🙂

  • Mirko

    Let’s hope that the NSMC will address recent racist attacks and importantly the issue of why they seem to emanate mostly from unionist areas. Mind you, what can we expect from people who bear allegiance to a state that invented the concentration camp and incinerated thousands of innocent people in Dresden? Start by civilising yourselves…

  • NSMC Plenary session 6 July 2009

    Did any of the unionist ministers ‘boycott’ this plenary session? The NI team was a small one and it contained only two unionists.

  • For those who might be interested here’s a snippet from Ireland’s NDP 2000-2006, the Common Chapter.

    This common chapter was signed off by Mo Mowlam after the 1998 referenda and would appear to extend the remit of Strand 2 of the 1998 Agreement.

  • eranu

    lol mirko, just type “i hate themmuns”. its quicker and gets your message across entirely accurately 🙂