Slugger ‘Operation Orange’ plans firm up a little

Plans for the 12th weekend are firming up, I’ve decided we won’t be running anything via Slugger for the bonfires though I will be attending one. If anyone is particularly interested drop me a line and I’ll try to help out.

For the 12th, well the 13th, the intention is to get to the Ardoyne feeder, the main Belfast parade, then Bangor and back for the Ardoyne return (was taking transport issues into account and am open to amendments).

Anyone wanting to join the group or act as guides drop me a line. Or feel free to get out there, do it yourself and report back.

ADDS: I’d be particularly keen on hearing a suggestion for replacing the morning Ardoyne one with something more rural but as most of those interested are greater Belfast based need a sensible geographical suggestion.

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