Slugger out and about for ‘Orangefest’

I have no idea how this one will work out but I’m intending to head to an 11th night bonfire and 12th parade this year (held on the 13th I understand). I’ll be bringing my baggage along with as open a mind as I can muster and intend blogging on the days, with maybe some twittering, as things progress. I’ve already had two offers of escort and help explaining any confusing aspects from a tweet.

What I’d now like to know is do other Slugger folks fancy joining up for the day? Republicans looking to challenge themselves? People that just haven’t been before? People willing to guide others through events and hold their hands if they get nervous?

Ideas of what to do, joining up and offers of assistance all welcome.

btw: this isn’t intended as a ‘One Small Step’ type thing, I’m as happy to come away with prejudices reinforced as reconsidered.

UPDATE: after speaking to Mick we will be running a live blog via Cover-it-Live – participants, supporters, demonstrators, the just pure apathetic and Slugger readers that get along to where ever for however long for whatever reason will be able to add their views.

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