“a somewhat more moral position”

Eamonn McCann’s opposition to the presence in Londonderry of US-based company Raytheon has seen him in court previously, where he was acquitted of criminal damage. But he has taken a more measured approach in the Belfast Telegraph today. Starting with the recently released notes by then DETI minister Ian Pearson of a meeting between Raytheon management and the SDLP’s John Hume, he looks at the complicated relationship both the SDLP and Sinn Féin have had with the company – epitomised by this statement by Sinn Féin in 2006.

However, in light of the revelations that Raytheon has been involved in manufacturing military applications in Derry then Sinn Féin will be calling at the next meeting of Derry city Council for Council to reaffirm and implement its adopted position – that Raytheon confine itself to “civil” development work.

From the Belfast Telegraph article.

There is nothing complicated, on the other hand, about the attitude of the DUP or of the sole Ulster Unionist city councillor, Mary Hamilton. They take the view that it’s been clear from the outset that Raytheon would be and has been producing defence equipment for British and other forces at its Derry plant, and they do not find this in any way troublesome. Many might see this as, all things considered, a somewhat more moral position than that of their nationalist counterparts.