“we are checking protocols to determine if proper procedures were followed”

An odd little story reported by the BBC here – in light of yesterday’s “fragile flower” ruling. Apparently an arranged meeting between East Antrim MLAs Ken Robinson of the UUP, Sean Neeson of the Alliance Party and the DUP’s Sammy Wilson, members of Belfast High School’s board of governors and officials from the Department of Education was cancelled by the Education Minister, Sinn Féin’s Caitríona Ruane, because Sammy Wilson had originally requested the meeting through the Private Office of the Environment Minister. There was an attempt to raise it as a point of order in the NI Assembly. From the BBC report.

In a statement, the Department of Education said: “A point of order was raised in the Assembly this evening regarding a request from the Private Office of the Environment Minister to meet with officials from the Department of Education. “As this was on a constituency matter and not a ministerial matter we are checking protocols to determine if proper procedures were followed, as Departmental Private Offices should have no role in constituency matters.”

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  • Carson’s Cat

    Hmmm… no Turgon analagy to explain a boozed up TUV Councillor abusing Harry Gregg???

    There’s a shocker!

  • Carson’s Cat, are you on the wrong thread – or on the juice – or both? 😉

  • barnshee

    Heard her on nolan this am -waving equality flag and children with special needs — yeah sure they in particular are going to be disadvantaged by selection. oh wait of course they will “catch” intelligence from fellow pupils just get them into the same classes.

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    I think the point is that there isn’t a thread! Perhaps Turgon is dreaming up one of his bone-crunchingly boring analagies as we type…

    Its not me who’s “tired and emotional” of course, but the TUV Cllr in question apparently….

    The quote from the BBC website does merit special mention:

    “I’m a TUV councillor and you’ll not put me out. I know a really good lawyer, he’s a QC and he’ll beat you all on the law.”

    You looking for some Rathin link Nevin?

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    Try to keep to the actual topic.

  • Carson’s Cat, it might have been more appropriate to link to the preceding Stirling/Gregg thread.