Ian Paisley Jnr fined £5000 for contempt of court

The profit made by Sarcon 250 the Ballymena Advice Centre Ltd doesn’t quite cover Ian Paisley Jnr’s reported fine for contempt of court – £5000. Apparently he’s also had costs awarded against him. And then there’s this in the iol report

Mr Paisley also heavily criticised the Billy Wright inquiry lawyer, John Larkin QC, who yesterday told the court the MLA would relish being imprisoned for defying the order because it would further his political career. The former Stormont junior minister described those remarks as “flippant, trite and trivial”.

Mr Larkin has been earmarked by the DUP/Sinn Féin-led Stormont administration as the North’s attorney-general when justice powers are finally devolved from Westminster. Significantly, when Mr Paisley was asked about Mr Larkin taking on the role, he cryptically said: “A lot of things could happen.” “John will come to regret the day he said those things because I think he knows they were not in keeping or in touch with the realities and the sensitivities of this case.”