Playing fast and loose with the law PSNI drive republicans out of Belfast

The BBC and UTV place the number of people attending éirígí’s banned protest against ‘Armed Forces Day’ in Belfast between 50 and 100. From the footage that seems about right. What seems strange is the police claiming they prevented the protest as it became an ‘illegal parade’ in Castle St when protestors stepped on the road – a technically correct interpretation of the law on parades and protests. However, what the PSNI failed to mention is roadworks on Castle Street at the point they intervened mean footpaths on both sides of the road are closed and pedestrians are directed to walk on the road. Seems the PSNI have played outside the spirit of legislation to get a result and made éirígí’s points on the nature of the north for them.

Update: éirígí’s own version and direct link to the UTV report.