SDLP reshuffle…

Looks like the SDLP may be preparing to get rid of their double jobbing MPs as Mark Durkan steps down from his last significant job in the Assembly. H/T toTerry McErlean at Chambre, here’s the full extent of the SDLP’s reshuffle:

The SDLP have announced their own reshuffle. This includes Mark Durkan standing down as Chair of the Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

The SDLP have announced their new Assembly team.

EMPOYMENT AND LEARNING Pat Ramsey replaces Alex Attwood


REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Tommy Gallagher replaces John Dallat

ENVIRONMENT John Dallat replaces Tommy Gallagher

OFMDFM Alex Attwood replaces Dolores Kelly

CULTURE ARTS AND LEISURE PJ Bradley replaces Pat Ramsey

Mary Bradley will replace Alban Maginness on the Social Development Committee, while Thomas Burns remains spokesman.


ETI Mark Durkan will be replaced by Alban Maginness

ENVIRONMENT Patsy McGlone will be replaced by Dolores Kelly.


John Dallat replaces Declan OLoan on the Committee for Procedures.

Tommy Gallagher replaces Pat Ramsey on the Audit Committee.

Patsy McGlone replaces John Dallat on Public Accounts Committee.

Declan OLoan replaces Thomas Burns on Public Accounts Committee.

Carmel Hanna will replace Alban Maginness as a member of the Assembly Commission.

Pat Ramsey is now the Assembly Group Whip.

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