Commons elects new Speaker

It’s not Ma Beckett after all. It’s Speaker Bercow..

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  • slug

    Essex Uni lightweight.

  • slug

    I have heard him speak and he is certainly eloquent, with a very nice vocabulary.

  • slug

    He is short, and has a very attractive and much taller wife.

  • Comrade Stalin

    That speech up there is god-awful. He’s talking like a headmaster lecturing a room full of 8 year olds. And the stuff about the majority of MPs not being in it for the money seems ridiculous given the scope of the expenses revelations.

  • Driftwood

    Just holding the fort until our new Government arrives.

  • Cameron addresses speaker-elect [Beebvid]

    ‘Young’ Bercow mocks Tory grandee [Beebvid]

    Brown welcomes new speaker-elect [Beebvid]

    Brown: “You said that you had now cast aside all your past political views. Some of us thought you had done that some time ago!!”

  • pete whitcroft

    Thought Beckett would win but Bercow is an interesting man who will spice things up.

  • There’s something about this man that I dislike and I’ve a gut feeling that he may be even worse than Michael Martin. He’s certainly a man of ambition.

    A whole day spent voting for him while our troops are in serious danger owing to pathetic equipment.

    Shows the level of interest MPs have in this country doesn’t it.

  • dewi

    Strange decision – he’s not exactly officer material.

  • Finally, the Commons gets a free, secret vote, and spends the whole day exercising it on what?

    Choosing a new Speaker, as if he has some real political power!

    The only reason for the illusion is the fact that Parliament has become such a corrupt, rubber stamp that he has been delegated some power in administering its corrupt ways, though then sometimes delegating it to some of his subordinates, and then has become the scapegoat when even the police are obliged to invade its chambers because of its ramifications.

    That’s what the 2lst century Speaker has become, and it doesn’t matter who holds the almost completely ceremonial office unless the true political forces decide to make some drastic changes in how it does business, starting with the bloated, incredibly expense way in which they do what they want, and explain it to the public.

    Britain needs drastic constitutional reform, not just a hidden personality show for a day.

  • loki

    Trowbridge- It’s not constituitional reforem that’s needed. The (unwritten) constitution is essentially sound. What’s needed is the legislature (Parliament) to take back some of the powers pinched by the executive (Cabinet)from a very supine (and in terror of whips)House of Commons. The rot started under Maggie and the cult of personality and has got much much worse under Labour and the god Blair.
    As for Bercow for Speaker- they say we get the politicians we desrve and if that’s the case we’re all up the river without a paddle ( I’m trying not to contribute to the swearbox here- please note my restraint!)He’s one of the most venal ambitious little ferrets I’ve seen in a long time and I sincerely hope Conservatives run a candidate against him the in GE
    BTW- submit word- “idea”, as in who’s bright fucking idea was it to elect a speaker up to his armpitgs in expenses scandal?

  • Cushy Glenn

    The Bercow I briefly met twenty odd years ago was typical of a group of Federation of Conservative Students types who were uber-Unionist and frankly even too swivel eyed for my impeccable right wing prejudices – all up for hanging Mandela and putting Pinochet in charge of the NHS ( and some of their policies were also quite extreme) . Most of them have mellowed to a degree- to the extent that they recognise the need to reach out beyond their own constituency , but he still exhibits the Tiggerish ambition of a young man in a hurry- witness his Pop Idol style reaction to the vote.

    Parliament needed a sober elder statesman as speaker- Sir George Young or Frank Field. It shows once again the immaturity and lack of comprehension for our institutions that got so many Labour MPs into trouble in the first place. They only want to give the Tories one last kick on the way to the dole queue- Attlee and Bevin would have hung their heads in shame yesterday

  • Greenflag

    comrade stalin ,

    ‘He’s talking like a headmaster lecturing a room full of 8 year olds.’

    As well he might 🙁 After all these are the elected representatives of the British people i.e that distinguished body of politicians who foresaw the current economic crisis and who knew more about flipping properties and dredging moats around castles than they did about the world economy ?

    Bercow should at least provide much needed merriment on the backbenches . Will he survive an election if the Tories win big ?