Temporary registration for now…

We’re getting a lot of new people commenting on the site, to whom all welcome… First I would genuinely like to underscore that welcome, but in the second place I would also like to emphasise that you look back on the commenting policy on the site… In the meantime, please register if you want to comment on the site… for which you will need to provide a real email address…

  • Mark McGregor

    The time has come that you should start shaming the groups/individuals that use the site to slander. Idiots.

  • Harry Flashman

    Long overdue.

    You want to comment? Use a pseudonym? Fine, but this carry on of one comment posters with names like “Mark-McGregor-is-a-prat” [sorry Mark I am only using you as an example, no offence intended] is simply trolling of the worst sort.

    If you want to post, sign in, one name per ISP address.

    Simple as that.

  • ranger1640

    Can you make the type a little larger and make the background white.

    Us who have difficulty reading find it difficult to read the small type on the gray background.

    Could we also have a spell checker on the comments page?

  • Turgon

    ranger 1640,
    If you use Firefox it comes with a spell checker.

  • joeCanuck

    You can make the type larger (and darker) yourself.
    Click on “view” at top of page then “zoom+”.

  • villager

    To go slightly off topic Mick, the home page is a slightly too wide, resulting in the need for a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page, caused by the Flickr embed presumably. Can this be remedied? It’s a bit annoying.

  • joeCanuck

    Not on my screen, Villager. You can probably fix that yourself by fiddling with your display settings.

  • Gael gan Náire

    In addition to heavy trolling, number of threads I had started lately have been subject to sock-puppetting.

    Is sock puppetting covered?

    It is a pity that this kind of action is necessary as it effectively hands a victory to those who wish to ensute that certain subjects are not discussed though trolling.

  • otto

    Hi Turgon. Thanks for the tip about spell checker. On my Firefox I had to install a dictionary (just a right click and a selection). Do you know of any Firefox gadgets that catch those errant apostrophes?

    Hi GGN. Regarding sock-puppets – if you mean the occasional use of a different name than I’m an occasional culprit. Sometimes I just fancy a change and sometimes I feel I’ve made such an arse of myself a relaunch might be in order. Is a change of name in itself sock-puppetry or is it something worse like multiple personalities on the same thread? Harry seems to thing any change of name is bad form. Should user names be a fixed entry with no option to change? It might make some of us think twice before going off on one but it might also make a few people shy about saying what they really think – or even just testing a half-baked thought.

  • Turgon

    No idea on the apostrophes and I note that the Firefox spell checker (fairly good as it is) is nothing like as sophisticated as the Microsoft Word one.

  • Dave

    It’s amazing how posting grinds to a halt when folks have to login in to post, as if an extra 4 or 5 mouse clicks is akin to enduring a mini-marathon in a heat wave. What’s up with that? Get over it and start posting!

  • Sam09

    This is a test to see if I can post.

  • granni trixie

    Trolling? Sock puppets?
    Whilst I have worked out what ‘play the ball not the man’ means, I would remind you all that jargon tends to go against inclusivity. Perhaps a glossary of terms is needed?

  • Neil

    I also have a problem with the sock puppets (I would feel that is one person posting in multiple identities on one thread, agreeing with himself or ganging up with himself on someone else), unless it’s who does John O’Connell. That dude’s funny.

  • otto

    What’s it called when someone uses somebody else’s real name? Someone called Hugh Doherty posted on a thread cautioning other people about statement of fact or even just opinion that could result in potential legal action.

    A Hugh Doherty then posted on another thread where he described the South as “Eire”, the North as NI and GB as the mainland. I’m no Columbo but the second doesn’t sound like republican/artist Hugh Doherty. What’s the deal there? Is pretending to be someone else and making statements on that person’s behalf not pretty close to falsely claiming the other person made them?

  • Neil

    Too many Hugh Doherty’s kicking about I’d say.

  • Neil

    Too many Hugh Doherty’s kicking about I’d say.

  • Dev

    test post

  • Ulsters my homeland

    ranger1640, a quick way to make the text bigger is to hold the Ctrl button and move your scroll wheel.

  • otto

    Thanks UMH.

    Being forced to register has made me take advantage of the follow up notification facilty. That’s handy too.

    Mick, as host (and potential defendant in the great Slugger libel trial) can we get you views on the sock-puppeting/impersonation thing?

    Also – libel/slander.

    In the Breen judgement thread people were getting carried away with themselves but as far as I could see were making no statement of fact that hadn’t already been conceded. I don’t think the Tribune denied that it mght be in a position to provide information which might assist a police investigation/conviction, if not constrained by commitments regarding confidentiality and general professional integrity.

    I also don’t think that people were expressing opinions which the judgement has not already established are valid and a neccessary part of the discussion about public interest (that in some circumstances the balance of general public interest including the specific interests of a journalist might be such that the information should be disclosed). To be fair I think the editorial in yesterday’s Tribune accepted that people could hold in good faith the position that information should be disclosed even if they “misunderstood” the need for journalistic confidentiality.

    Personal attacks on Suzanne Breen are unfair and I think “hateful” within the Slugger posting rules but how do we see spurious claims of libel from Sluggers self-appointed prefects? Are these not “threatening” and an attempt to shut down exactly the sort of discussion about public interest that Slugger is attempting to facilitate?

  • otto

    This judge thinks no-one reads or takes this stuff seriously anyway.