Romanian shot in south Belfast…

We’re getting early reports that a Romanian has been shot in south Belfast by a starting pistol… Police saying it was race related…

  • Mark P

    No doubt Mark McGregor will be along in a moment to tell us that he has a niggling doubt that the Romanian in question may have faked the whole thing so as to skip the NHS waiting lines.

  • Tea and sympathy

    If true, this is disgusting and quite frightening. However, why have these people been allowed to come here in the first place? Does anyone know which employment sector that they’re most associated with? Are they doing jobs which the local yobs won’t do? If so, which ones?

  • Grassy Noel

    Lead balloon, Mick.

  • smcgiff

    Jaysus Mick – You’ve a sense of humour?!? Go figure! 😉

  • Tea and sympathy

    Also, exactly how have the PSNI been able to so quickly establish a motive for this alleged attack, especially given that not one mainstream media outlet, as I type, has yet to report this story?

    They’re usually not so unequivocal about such things e.g. wasn’t Kevin McDaid murdered by ecstatic drunken Rangers fans because Catholics put up terrible flags for a few hours and not by a vile gang of sectarian thugs?

  • Mark P

    Tea and Sympathy: Look at the article again. It’s a (bleedin’ awful) joke.

  • James

    jaw-droppingly stupid joke, considering the events of the last week.