Revolutionary water

I admit to never having heard of American Anarchist, Harold H Thompson until someone told me about him on the bus the other day. The first generation Irish American recently completed an unusual journey as his ashes arrived from a prison in Tennessee, where he had been serving ’life plus’ sentences, to be spread in Lough Neagh. So if you live in the Greater Belfast area you’ve now more than likely got a little more anarchism in you than before.

  • Greenflag

    I’m not an anarchist -well not yet anyway 😉 but RIP to Harold . They ‘ll never get us all – good one that 😉

  • Belfast water is sourced from the Silent Valley.

  • Mark McGregor


    Water from Lough Neagh is treated at Dunore Point before being pumped to Greater Belfast and South Antrim. The recent water scare/boil water notice across Belfast was due to samples at Dunore Point.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    There bees a lot of anarchists at all the Down matches.

  • Ulick

    “There bees a lot of anarchists at all the Down matches.”

    John McGuffin used to tell a good yarn on his website (anyone know if it’s archived anywhere?) before he died about the time he was driving Jerry Rubin through Newry during one of the times Down made it to the all Ireland final. The town was plastered in red and black flags and McGuffin spun him that the town was in the middle of a proletarian revolt.

    “These people have got the revolutionary ethic!” says Rubin.

    “As much as yourself, comrade,” replied McGuffin.

    Harold H Thompsom, John McGuffin.

    Leaba i measc na Naomh acu

  • Big Maggie


    “So if you live in the Greater Belfast area you’ve now more than likely got a little more anarchism in you than before.”

    There’s such a thing as too much information :^)

    I came across an article once that dealt with human molecules. It theorized that we all could be inhaling minuscule particles of the remains of Da Vinci, Mozart, Hitler, Monroe et al.

  • Visitor

    That’s explains my cloudy glass of water earlier..

  • Pancho’s Horse

    The Brits have been pissin’ in our rivers for centuries.

  • anarchy in the lsd
  • Driftwood

    (Dawkins points out that it is statistically almost certain that at least one molecule of every glass of water we drink will have passed through Oliver Cromwell’s bladder.)

    From the recent c4 Darwin programme.

    Just for the record. Enjoy your water cooler moment tomorrow.

  • Harry Flashman

    A murderer and armed robber, two pretty serious aspects to this man’s character gets neatly airbrushed out and instead all we learn is that he was an “anarchist”.

    It’s bit like an earlier thread where Ricky Tomlinson’s jail sentence for beating the shite out of people was described as “union activities” or the thread last year devoted to another American armed robber prettified up as a civil rights activist.

    Folks when you have to lie about such important things you should probably be questioning your political mindset.

  • Rory Carr

    Most upstanding of you, Harry. However I’m afraid that the bank robbers we mere mortals are mostly concerned about are the robbers who own the banks and are hell-bent on subjecting us all to misery in order that they might steal even more than they already have regardless of the effect upon the health and lives of millions.

    The Harold H Thompson’s of this world are the end product of that greed as much as those made homeless and destitute by the actions of these bankers who, if ever called to account, are never more greatly punished than by a short spell in a cushy ‘country club’ federal facility.

    And by the way, Ricky Tomlinson was framed along with Des Warren on conspiracy charges resulting from their presence on a picket line in North Wales during a National Building Workers’ Strike when the violence came from the site agent who brandished a shotgun in the pickets’ faces in full view of the bystanding police who allowed him to continue. It may be no coincidence that the site was a MacAlpine site and that the Lord Lieutenant of the area was one Lord MacAlpine. As Ricky, in his Royle persona might say, “Yer talkin’ a loada shite!”

  • John

    Link to more of Harold’s writings below

    The main anarchist organisation in Ireland- Workers Solidarity Movement

    Anarchist FAQ

  • Paul

    Harold’s offences are clearly not airbrushed out of history if you read the links.

  • Metacom

    “expropriating money for political activities from a jewellery store”