Scottish First Minister’s Questions Live Blog..

On with the experiment. I’m hoping these live blogs (below the fold) will run themselves to a greater or lesser extent… But it seems to me to be a good way to bring in some political news of what’s happening elsewhere in Ireland and Britain. Today at noon there’s First Minister’s questions. If you want the real thing, Yousef or Malc often do their own, but I’m hoping we’ll pull in some #FMQ tweets too. I’ll take up the slack on the live blog. Looking at our reader stats we have a large readership in Glasgow and a smaller one in Edinburgh, so if you Scots, or Scotland based, feel free to pitch in your own thoughts… I can give people permission to blog directly as they contribute. Here’s a set of podcasts of previous FMQs… Live feeds from the Parliament site (if you can get it to work), or it’s broadcast live on Radio Scotland

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