Prediction Comp result – frustrated democrat wins

After going through the predictions nobody was spot on but after consultation it was agreed the miserly £25 voucher goes to…….’frustrated democrat’ for his prediction

Final forecast attempt on a reduced poll

DeBrun 140,000 27%
Dodds 118,000 22%
Nicholson 90,000 17%
Maginnis 80,000 15%
Allister 55,000 11%
Parsley 33,000 6%
Agnew 10,000 2%

Turnout 526,000 100%(44% turnout)

DB elected 1st count JN 3rd DD 4th

Posted by frustrated democrat on Jun 04, 2009 @ 05:12 AM

He had low turnout, the order right on 1st prefs but a little out on %s, he called the elected order for Nicholson and Dodds right though he thought Dodds would be on 4th count.

Any complaints will be dealt with in the normal manner – they’ll be ignored.

frustrated democrat – drop me or Mick a line with your preferred method of payment. Hopefully next time we can get a better prize and thanks to all who played.

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