“I don’t want to make a career out of politics..”

Some of the contributors to our comment zone have been pointing optimistically towards Toiréasa Ferris’ performance as an exception to Sinn Féin’s otherwise moribund polling in the Irish local and European elections (+0.1%) [Wise the voters are.. – Ed]. But the candidate herself has made some interesting comments in reaction to her elimination.

Despite trailing independent candidate Kathy Sinnott by only 688, her team decided not to call for a recount. Carrying her 14-month-old daughter Liadain Ni Chellaig and supported by her partner Patrick Kelly and father, TD Martin Ferris, she said she was glad to return to normal life, despite surprising many with her strong electoral performance.

“For the party I would have loved if we had just gone over that line and taking that seat,” she said. “But on a personal basis my family life has suffered over the last number of months. Whether we would have been able to arrange a situation where that would that be the case in the future, we will never know now.”


“I’m happy to be going home with the strong vote that we got for Sinn Féin and with my baby on my hip where she will stay for the next couple of weeks.”

The newly-elected Tralee Town Councillor and Kerry County Councillor admitted that at first she had to be convinced to run for the European seat as she had no political ambitions.

“I don’t want to make a career out of politics,” she added.

“What we were looking to do in this campaign was provide a new generation of politicians and in that you don’t need people who are worried about minding their seats and not giving consideration to the people and what’s best for them.”