“They know how to use their vote wisely..”

If you’ve been watching the post-count interviews you’ll probably have heard newly-elected Conservative and Unionist MEP Jim Nicholson gleefully recounting how journalists had dismissively referred to him as “the guinea pig”. Except.. it wasn’t a journalist who first used that description.. it was Jim himself, back at the start of December 2008, in this interview with Jim Fitzpatrick – Mark Devenport preferred “crash test dummy”.. ANYhoo.. In the course of the conversation Jim Nicholson predicted the “internecine squabble between the TUV and the DUP” [3mins in], and also addressed the issue of those useful TUV transfers.. [new link] Meanwhile, other questions remain to be answered.

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  • “They know how to use their vote wisely..”

    From the BBC stats it looks as if there’s not been a great percentage change since 2004 apart from the division of the DUP vote between Diane Dodds and Jim Allister – and the massive drop in turn-out.

    Grouping 2004 2009

    Unionists 48.6% 49.0%

    Nationalist 42.2% 42.2%

    Others 9.2% 8.8%

  • Carson’s Cat

    Not often I agree with you – but that’s exactly right. The DUP vote drop exactly mirrors (give or take 0.1%) the vote which Allister took. The UCUNFers managed a stunning increase of 0.5%. In the ‘perfect storm’ of the election (ref Peter Robinson) the UCUNFers made precisely nothing out of it.

    Diane Dodds mightn’t have set the world on fire – and there’s plenty of UUP people out there saying how woeful she was (conveniently ignoring their own candidate’s obvious failings), but they don’t appear to have taken a single vote from the DUP on the ‘left’ (if you want to call it that).

    UCUNF aren’t saying that any of their vote stayed at home. They’re stating that they’re happy with where they are. That seems to be a poverty of aspiration more than anything else of course. Its the DUP who are looking to take back the stay-at-homers, the expenses voters and the people who might just have voted Allister cos of Hearts & Minds. The UUP have decided that any good news story is enough for them.

    Its no wonder they’re so pleased that Allister is around – its only his intervention which has given them (and the Shinners) a good news story.

  • question mark question mark

    Surely Jim Allister counts as a nationalist. He invented the idea of Dublin rule

  • CC, my stats reminded me of the saying, “Same old donkeys, same old flags”.

    It looks like the new stay-at-homes were fairly evenly distributed across the party spectrum.

  • “(and the Shinners) a good news story.”

    CC, if you want a different SF headline, “SF representation in EU Parliament Halved” and you can sing, “So Goodbye, Mary Lou …” 🙂

  • cynic

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