(Some) European electoral law is an ass: discuss?

Here’s the reason the Dublin count has been releasing seruptious figures, is that they were not allowed to release figures before 9pm under European electoral law. Mark Coughlan at Irish Election explains:

Two of the groups involved had threatened to call in adjudicators from the European Commission if the count was to go ahead without the total for each round being publicly announced. The officials are not allowed to release such information before 9PM Irish time under European law, but appeared to have skirted around that by counting and releasing information unofficially. The groups who had threatened to call in the commission were placated by being given their first count totals.

It seems to me that in this instance, the European Commission is moving to prevent a problem that barely exists: avoiding the situation where the differential in national voting days adversely affects outcomes elsewhere in Europe?

  • ecthelion

    amend the statement to
    Most European Law is a Complete Arse, discuss?

  • It’s wishful thinking, i.e. that European political groupings are akin to national political parties. Typical Brussels “if we act like a Unified State, people will assume we are one” behaviour.

    In Canada, there is a lot of fighting about the restriction on polling results due to time zones. This leads to a dopey situation where NL, NB, NS are declaring results while BC is still voting, but the media can’t announce them (but the blogs do). But at least in that case, you’re talking about the same parties with national leaders who campaign as such from coast to coast (to coast). My change to that would be to instruct polling officers to release only final declarations, not box by box results – this would delay matters sufficiently for BC to catch up. This of course is the American “we must know the result 2 seconds after polls close” media influence.

    In Europe, I’m sorry but Irish Labour is not UK Labour is not French Socialists. The grouping leaderships in Brussels are practical, not supernational.