Eyes south

While the European election tallies are as useless in the south as those in the north the Council counts are in full flow (RTE coverage).

Mick has the live blog set up but it is not much use as a conversational space for Slugger as the excellent Twitter feed is swamping any of our comments.

At present FF and the Greens are the clear losers dropping 8.5% and 1.1% nationally to 23.3% and 2.8% and shedding Councillors at a staggering rate. Labour and FG are the main beneficiaries up 6.6% and 4.3% to 18% and 32%.

SF certainly don’t seem to have attracted any benefit from the scene changing, while a radical left party like People Before Profit (Socialist Workers Party front) has manged 4 seats.

SF’s vote is currently down nearly 0.5% to 7.7% and surprisingly one of their higher profile reps outside the Dail, Daithi Doolan, has lost his seat.

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