The political class at Prayer for a good result…

Praying for a good result?

Much good it did some of them… This courtesy of Alan in Belfast, who comments below his photo on Flickr:

Couldn’t be comfortable – the new form of DUP prayer being practiced in the Kings Hall!

Friday’s verification is a simple matter of confirming the number of ballot papers in each ballot box. the papers are counted face down, so only the ballot number is visible … though the pen marks sometimes show through from the other side, and if you get the angle right …

(Permission was sought to take photos that wouldn’t identify ballots.)

  • Sam Flanagan


  • voter


  • Bretagne

    Why are the counters not representative of the community? I would go along if there were shorter skirts. I’ll ask SF about an equality assessment..

    PS – I bought the Newsletter today – I thought there would at least be something in there about turnout and ideas to encourage it, and some look forward to the shifts within unionist voting. Nothing – it must hsve been a day off!. But there was a promise of insightful coverage on Tuesdsy next…so save your cash on Monday.

    Anyone else disappointed by local newspaper a?

  • pith

    It’s obviously a trick so that they can see the underside of the ballot papers. Some people have no morals.

  • Greenflag

    They’re not Catholic otherwise they would be kneeling 😉 .They’re not UCUNF otherwise they’d be sitting on their collective arses- so by default they must be identified as ‘unfree ‘ TUVers . We know that they’re not DUP as in that case they would have been seen lying prostrate facing to the East asking Allah to send them a new Messiah as the last one has gone into retirement .

    BTW -How is the old bugger these days ? Has he been seen on the election trail ?

  • loki

    Love it.
    Bretagne- local rags are universally in pockets of big parties and NIO so no surprise that they didn’t say anything insightful. Althought i did htink it hysterical that a DUP spokesman was quoted as saying that it’s “too early” to say who’ll top the poll. Where are all the DUP stooges btw?

  • Scroller

    I see Ian Jr there, someone who looks like Roger Lomas (Tory) and Jim’s son, Philip A.

  • Sam Flanagan

    It would be wonderful if the “Unionist community” gave the Newsletter the same treatment as they gave to the Unionist party`s on Thursday. The “Orange Card,” has been replaced by the “Electoral Meltdown Card!”

    This is a perfect opportunity for Turgon to come up with one of his “naval battle” scenarios. The DUP are presently very like the Bismark when it had its steering gear damaged. It just started going round in circles while it was finished off.

  • Richard James


    You can see Dr Paisley preaching outside City Hall every Friday afternoon :o)

  • McCollum

    Paisley Jnr nearly sitting on the floor – I thought he only sat in £950 chairs (paid for by the electorate)

  • Conquistador

    I don’t know where to post this but if anyone’s watching RTE you’ll be hearing a lot about “by-election” yet the rte website refers only to “bye-elections”


  • oracle

    This is disgaceful, the Philipeanoes are doing our nursing homes, the Poles are doing our building work, the Gambians are doing our surgery, the English are doing our policework, the Chinese are doing our sexwork….. and now … and now the fucking cossacks are doing our tally work

  • LE


  • Some more details about verification and the photo over on the blog post on Alan in Belfast.