More below the radar

Arson attacks on Orange halls continue, the latest apparently the third in two weeks. [“I would ask those people involved to desist..”? – Ed] Meanwhile, in addition to the violent incidents noted previously, there’s been another paramilitary-style shooting in west Belfast. According to Sinn Féin’s Alex Maskey,

“This type of attack is wrong and I know the overwhelming majority of people will acknowledge that fact. However the reality is that many people have become so let down and disillusioned by the failures of the policing and criminal justice system here that they can become indifferent towards this activity.” The onus is on political and community leaders but in particular on the PSNI and the PPS to show that there is an alternative to these attacks and that we as a community can and will make them work.”

Which conveniently neglects to mention those previously responsible for meting out such summary justice.. And then there are the now accredited, and funded, Community Restorative Justice schemes.