Polling figures station by station…

Okay, here’s an idea. During European elections the individual polling stations put up their turn out figures at 12 noon, 5pm and 9pm. The idea here is that people report back the figures they see at their local stations and any others they may have visited. Please make sure you are certain of the figures… I will open another thread for discussion of these figures so that we can use this one purely as a data dump! So no comments please, just your numbers!

  • pacman

    Two Newry Stations (including the one I worked at yesterday) barely tipped just over 32% at close.

  • RG Cuan

    Which stations were they Pacman? Very low for Newry…

  • Newtownards stats

    I voted at Londonderry Primary School in Newtownards around 9pm yesterday, there was a few people around but the turn out at that point was 15% and it was not expected go up much more.

  • salem

    Lisburn – Harmony Hill Polling Station

    5pm – 20%
    9pm – 38%

  • Mick Fealty

    Sammy, that’s a nod in the smart mob’s direction… Next time, I want to try and get this data dump set up some time in advance… we have readers all over… with a bit of notice, and maybe a bit of ready made software we could provide something more comprehensive and reliable…

  • Sam Flanagan

    Very good idea Mick. It makes it all very interesting and you never know the next election may not be to far away.

  • Mick Fealty

    Indeed Sam… Labour is just disintegrating…

  • pacman

    “Which stations were they Pacman? Very low for Newry…”

    Sorry RG – Slugger cowped for most of lunch – St Patricks in the Meadow (covering Derrybeg/The Meadow area) and St Josephs Primary in Edward Street (covering Armagh Road to Mourneview Park and the areas surround the polling station).

  • west belfast

    Official figures

    Belfast South: 42.1%

    Belfast West: 46.6%

    Lagan Valley: 38.86%

    South Down: 44.97%

    Mid Ulster: 52.83%

    North Antrim 43.7%