Irish Daily Mail : Kenny sounded out SF about Dáil Pact

It’s not online, but today’s Irish Daily Mail leads with an allegation that Enda Kenny sounded out Gerry Adams about a Dáil pact after the last election via the Green Party. This following on from creating a stir at the weekend, when they reported the FG chief election strategist’s (Frank Flannery) statement that Fine Gael could work with Sinn Féin. A position from which Enda Kenny quickly distanced the party. It was probably a clumsy attempt to win transfers from SF voters in Dublin central, but may mean anti-SF Fine Gael voters add Eoin Ryan as a transfer in the Euro elections by raising the profile of the competition between Ryan and Mary Lou McDonald for the third Euro seat. Irish radio shows were deluged with callers saying they would no longer vote FG after the initial announcement of Frank Flannerys views, and prior to Enda’s rebuttal. FF have had a field day, saying “vote Fine Gael get Sinn Fein”. It certainly appears to have done little to boost Paschal Donohoe’s chances, with FG estimating he needs a 300% increase in support to win the Dublin Central seat.

The Irish Independent report that Kenny is furious with former FG leader Garret Fitzgerald for urging Fine Gael voters to transfer to Labour, Fianna Fáil and the Greens rather than anti-Lisbon parties (Sinn Féin and Libertas).

Adds: You have to wonder why the conservative Irish Daily Mail are raking up these stories in a European election week against fellow conservatives Fine Gael? It couldn’t be an attempt to boost support for anti-Lisbon conservatives Libertas on Friday, could it?

Update: RTE report that Kenny denies approaching Sinn Fein.

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