Irish Daily Mail : Kenny sounded out SF about Dáil Pact

It’s not online, but today’s Irish Daily Mail leads with an allegation that Enda Kenny sounded out Gerry Adams about a Dáil pact after the last election via the Green Party. This following on from creating a stir at the weekend, when they reported the FG chief election strategist’s (Frank Flannery) statement that Fine Gael could work with Sinn Féin. A position from which Enda Kenny quickly distanced the party. It was probably a clumsy attempt to win transfers from SF voters in Dublin central, but may mean anti-SF Fine Gael voters add Eoin Ryan as a transfer in the Euro elections by raising the profile of the competition between Ryan and Mary Lou McDonald for the third Euro seat. Irish radio shows were deluged with callers saying they would no longer vote FG after the initial announcement of Frank Flannerys views, and prior to Enda’s rebuttal. FF have had a field day, saying “vote Fine Gael get Sinn Fein”. It certainly appears to have done little to boost Paschal Donohoe’s chances, with FG estimating he needs a 300% increase in support to win the Dublin Central seat.

The Irish Independent report that Kenny is furious with former FG leader Garret Fitzgerald for urging Fine Gael voters to transfer to Labour, Fianna Fáil and the Greens rather than anti-Lisbon parties (Sinn Féin and Libertas).

Adds: You have to wonder why the conservative Irish Daily Mail are raking up these stories in a European election week against fellow conservatives Fine Gael? It couldn’t be an attempt to boost support for anti-Lisbon conservatives Libertas on Friday, could it?

Update: RTE report that Kenny denies approaching Sinn Fein.

  • foreign correspondent

    Is the Irish Daily Mail as anti-European as its British counterpart? The British Daily Mail, for the most part, is a horrible newspaper. I can´t understand why people read it.

  • Mack

    Foreign Correspondent – Difficult to tell, I don’t read either, but it certainly has a strong anti-European bias for the Irish market.

  • Dave

    It just shows how the EU was perverted the democratic process in Ireland when you have rabid europhiles like Fitzgerald openly expressing the view that any party who supports the retention of democratic powers within the state rather than supports the transfer of those powers to the EU should be excluded from the democratic process here. The man and the EU power cartel that he serves are an utter disgrace.

  • Dave

    By the way, Garret Fitzgerald admitted in the The Irish Times that the EU was deliberately perverting democracy by engaging in a conspiracy that was designed to exclude the people of its various member states from being permitted to vote on the Lisbon Treaty and that it was seeking to pass off the defeated Constitutional Treaty as the rehashed Lisbon Treaty. Rather than condemning this abuse of democracy, he celebrated it and delighted in how clever these perverts were in their ability to undermine national democracies:

    “Virtual incomprehensibility has thus replaced simplicity as the key approach to EU reform. As for the changes now proposed to be made to the constitutional treaty, most are presentational changes that have no practical effect. [b]They have simply been designed to enable certain heads of government to sell to their people the idea of ratification by parliamentary action rather than by referendum.[/b]” – Garret Fitzgerald

    While he is right to say that the changes to the democratically rejected treaty were cosmetic, he is it wrong to imply that it was presented again to the voters. The voters gave the wrong vote last time and so they were not allowed by the EU to vote again.

  • Dave

    By the way, europhiles should study the last sentence from Fitzgerald for an insight into how this perverse institution systematically undermines democracy. This is a man who is mistakenly regarded as “good” yet he is celebrating a deliberate conspiracy to undermine the democratic process.

    Instead of rejecting the treaty that was rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005, the EU rejected the French and Dutch voters and rebranded their rejected Constitutional Treaty as the Lisbon Treaty. They then decided that because the people had rejected it last time, that the people would not be permitted to vote on it this time. Fitzgerald delights in this perversion of democracy, seeing nothing wrong with it whatsoever. In fact, he thinks its wonderful that unelected power cartels are able to hoodwink the public in this way.

  • fin

    its only slightly relevant to the thread, but considering the kicking Sinn Fein gets on here I’m bemused that Fine Gael escapes.

    For instant, its got the word ‘Gael’ on the tin, I thought from recent threads unionists were intimidated by this term,

    the name translates as ‘Family of the Irish’ or even ‘Tribe of the Irish’ surely much worse than ‘Ourselves’ and its ‘Tribe’ aswell.

    And although SF are often accused of been Facists, Fine Gaels origins are actually factually partly Facist in the Blueshirts.

    Their first leader been Chief of Staff of the IRA and later a Facist and even worse a leading member of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ulster (so no rattling the tin in tescos for him)

    Although nationalists and Irish people might scratch their heads at this proposal I would have expected unionists to feel its entirely sensible.

  • Brian Walker

    Fine Gael’s attempts to suck up to SF are at odds with the party’s tradition and will seen through as naked opportunism by its potential supporters. Enda Kenny is one of those leaders who seems fated to be replaced, as soon as his party looks like becoming a credible threat to FF. Any good succession candidates for opposition leader? Trouble is, they’re in Labour.