If Slugger cowpes during the count, here’s the alternative site to go to…

It will give you an idea of the level of traffic we’re getting at the moment that Slugger has cowped during the last two lunchtimes… There’s not a lot we can do about that until the redesign and we move to WordPress… So in the meantime, please bookmark the old blogspot site… We’ll keep you updated with the news we can get from the count centres on the day… If Slugger goes belly up, this will be the place to catch the latest…

  • Have you any spies recruited at the count?!

  • (For the record, I’m not volunteering! That would verbotten. Though I’ll be interested to see how my impressions compare with your analysis after the event.)

  • oracle

    Planning on success but prepared for failure Mick eh?

  • Would the BBC not also be a reasonably good back-up?


    Or do we still not really approve of the MSM?

  • ABC

    If Slugger cowpes, the content would be improved….

  • BBC election coverage of multi-stage counts in NI is usually crap. RTÉ is much better.

  • Carson’s Cat

    Unlikely to be much traffic from the Young Unionist nerds rushing to defend their woeful predictions.

  • drumlins rock

    on elections guys, any STV experts in? is it true that voting right down from 1-7 (where there are 7 candidates) is the best way to prevent your least favourite candidate from being elected, or do you just go 1-6 in that case, i generally have left my least fav blank in the past but have been told it is better giving them the lowest number “to keep you ballot in the count”

    STV is such fun!

  • Marking 1-6 only in this election is in practical terms as marking 1-7. Leaving the last spot blank is fine as your paper can never transfer to the last candidate. But I like filling it in just for the thrill of putting whatever &@!# it is last of all.

  • Alas I suspect only my first preference will be counted.

  • Carson’s Cat

    I suspect you’ll be sweating it out in the hope that your vote isn’t transferred.

    Mind you – your candidate did claim that he could top the poll. You obviously don’t share his enthusiasm…

  • drumlins rock

    know this is long shot but could SF top the poll and not get elected? ie. a quota is 25% SF were on 26% the last time round, if they dropped a couple of percents even where would they get the transfers to reach the quota? although guess getting unionist to transfer enough to SDLP to push them past SF is unlikely..

    like i said STV is fun, think i will do a 7 this time too lol

  • know this is long shot but could SF top the poll and not get elected?

    In theory, yes, although I’m not sure it has ever happened in an NI public election.

    In practice, SF might struggle if Gerry and Bairbre are caught re-enacting a Ryan Report school scenario with a couple of boy scouts and several horses of the Blues and Royals, together with their riders in full Brit uniform. Not otherwise.

    where would they get the transfers to reach the quota?

    The SDLP.

  • CC, it remains to be seen. Although I dare say Double D might have to wait for transfers too. I’ve never predicted that JN will top the poll. I thought it gave out the wrong message even to be talking about it.

  • oracle

    Guy for this election mathematically your vote can only go to the 4th count…. it can’t go beyond it, and the reality is that it most likely it will stop at 2 and only freak results will see it go to the 3

    so if you vote beyond 2-3 or a freaky 4 your only wasting ink

  • the original sam maguire

    Is the count on Friday or Monday? I assumed Friday, but according to ark it’s Monday

  • It’s on Monday, the original sam maguire, as most mainland countries don’t vote until Sunday, and we wouldn’t want NI to be influencing their choices, would we?

  • Mark McGregor

    Verification of ballots starts 9.30am on Friday, tallying information could be able to give a rough idea of how things might go from early afternoon. Count proper from 9am Monday.

  • Mark McGregor

    Though of course it is against the law to give an opinion based on information gathered at verification.

  • Rory Carr

    Thank you, Mick, for the courtesy of alerting us to potential problems rather than leaving us not only confused but annoyed should the worst happen.

    It is because you have taken the trouble to explain previous diificulties that I simply accepted that the difficulties over the past few days were problems that Slugger was experiencing and attempting to remedy and that all I had to do was be patient. No small thing if one is a non-geek consumer of a service on the web.

  • Mark McGregor


    I’m sure Mick wishes more people fitted the paying customer definition of ‘consumer’. Something that no doubt would greatly reduce any disruption of the service he provides.

  • “If Slugger cowpes during the count,”

    Oh!! Are you expecting a coup, Mick? 🙂