“The original ‘ludicrous’ motion has been passed..”

The DUP’s decision to withdraw their amendment to an SDLP motion on the long-running Civil Service equal pay claim in the Northern Ireland Assembly today – and to drop their opposition to the original motion – came too late to spare the blushes of DUP MLA Simon Hamilton. And not just because he had already spoken in favour of the amendment and against a motion he labelled “ludicrous”. You can read the whole debate here. And here’s a clip from Stormont Live. Of course, to pay the eventual bill the under-whelming NI Executive might have to cut down on that public diet of jam..

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  • GavBelfast

    New DUP minister-in-waiting there?

  • nineteensixtyseven

    I hope not, [play the ball – edited moderator]

  • fin

    a bit harsh 1967, never seen the kid before (and he is a kid) he handles himself a lot better than a of DUPers I know, however I still oppose everthing he and his party stand for. Besides that I think you should aim for the ball a bit more and not the man or child in this case

  • nineteensixtyseven


    I knew that was coming. His articulation is wasted on what he actually articulates, which is, being in the DUP, on the most part, nonsense. Take, for example, the times that people have raised the issue of revising the budget. Simon Hamilton is always the one sent out to obfuscate and argue the ridiculous point that the budget ‘priorities economic growth’ even if the figures contained therein bear no relation to reality. He’s the DUP John O’Dowd, defending the indefensible but doing it admittedly rather well.


    Is Mr Hamilton trying to further delay the resolving of an issue that he may have to deal with as a future Minister? He comes across as very very defensive here and many of his constituents who are public sector workers will not be too happy, is he covering his own back? On the issue itself Dolores Kelly made some very good points. Many low paid staff in dole offices are taking home far less than the benefit amounts that some claimants are getting. Has anyone ever been in one of these dole offices? They are intimidating, aggressive, threatening and sometimes violent places which often require security guards to protect staff. How many would like to go into such a working environment like that every day and all for £200 a week?
    Then these low paid workers have their noses rubbed in it as they see the First Minister and his wife claim the same amounts for food that some of them take home every month. On top of that senior Civil Servants awarded themselves over a million pound last year in bonuses which resulted in many of them of getting a lump sum up to £10000 on top of their already inflated salaries. The world of politics and government is mad and they arrogantly dismiss these workers as greedy??? You couldn’t make it up! It sums up the Animal Farm of Stormont and exposes the bubble of self delusion and glib self satifaction that senior NI Civil Servants live in. Denying people a honest salary and legitimate back pay is totally wrong and immoral. Their trade union should take it through the courts and demand that those who are delaying the issue pay a surcharge on any monies that are being held back. The threat of that might make them jump a bit.

  • DC

    I would try and give him some sympathy or whatever but he did join the DUP after all……

  • listen to yourselves!!!! lol

  • fin

    1967, I think we agree on this, although he’s not as young as he looks, born in 1977. Looks like a career politican from his website (annoyingly done in the 3rd person) he’s not connected enough or hardline enough to move at any speed in the DUP ranks, I wonder how long before he’s courted by the UUP/Tories

  • me

    poor Simon – it looks like the sinners like him – what is he doing wrong?