Here it is:

  • SeanPaul

    I think that SDLP’s PEB is the most credible. It is well put together with a positive message and Alban comes across like a decent, honest and credible candidate. I think generally the other PEBs were extremely poor, with the exception of the TUVs and the Greens. Jim Allisters was good until he (typically) went off on one about the DUP/SF. But the SDLP PEB has it for me. I’ll be voting for Alban, but not just on the basis of a good PEB. He is by far the most genuine and credible candidate in this election. The SDLP seemed to have turned a corner this year and if they get their seat back next week it will mark a remarkable turn around for them.

  • redhugh78


    I would’nt hold your breath on that one.

  • a big culchie gobshite

    It’s a good broadcast, probably the best I’ve seen out of NI.

    Seeing Alban with Durks and the Great John Hume almost brought a tear to my eye.

    Given that Sinn Féin have now completely sold out and that I’m not really inclined to spoil my vote I think I’ll vote for Alban.

    P.S. His voice in the broadcast was fucking amazing, very assertive and powerful – if he isn’t elected in a couple of weeks he should seriously a career doing voiceovers for advertisements and documentaries as well as continuity announcing.

  • a big culchie gobshite


    * NI = the ilegally occupied six counties located in the north of the island
    ** ..he should seriously [i]consider[/i] a career..

  • eranu

    i thought it was quite a good one too. good traditional family values and also talking to businesses that are affected by europe like fishermen. this suggests a focus on helping peoples real life issues. they could make more out of john hume by talking about his achievements and good standing in europe and selling alban as continuing this. perhaps a bit more info on the partnerships and relationships he would be stepping into in Europe and the positive influences this could bring to NI. this is a great strength they have over SF and they should make more out of SDLP delivery over SF nonsense.

  • the joxer

    I thought SDLP leader, Margaret Ritchie, came accross really well in the PEB.

    When did Durkan hand over the reins anyway? Or hasn’t Margaret told him yet?

  • Seymour Major

    I am a conservative.

    You may be interested on my take on it as an “outsider”. I thought it was very good. So good, in fact that I had to scratch my head. In some respects, this did not sound like the “rudderless ship” that we think of as the SDLP.

    “Wanting the best education for my children” Those Catholics who support academic selection may end up believing that if Alban was in charge of policy, he would change the SDLP’s position on academic selection.

    Maginnis pressed all the right buttons. The link with John Hume. The concern about businesses and the agricultural industry were all very positive. In this respect, he sounds like a conservative. A very large proportion of the SDLP support is drawn from middle class Catholics. This politician, if he is elevated, will make it more difficult for the Conservatives to lure them away.

    What I liked most of all was his vision for reconciling the people of Northern Ireland – never mind that he wants a United Ireland. His words emphasise that bringing the two communities together and ending sectarianism is a bigger priority than a united Ireland. That is the language of John Hume coming back.

    This guy has the qualities to lead the SDLP. With all due respect to Mark Durkan, he should let this guy take the reigns. If he does not, he is holding his party back.

    I will, of course be voting No. 1 for Nicholson. The other two unionist candidates do not seem to give a monkeys about sectarianism. This guy gets my No. 2 vote

  • loki

    I’m inclined to agree with Seymour. It’s a long PEB and that’s maybe my only real criticism. Having met Alban he actually seems to give a monkey’s and while I’m not particularly pro-Europe, I do think we need stronger representation than the current version of the Muppet Show that DUP, TUV and SF want to bring us

  • The Third Policeman

    He makes a very watery bowl of stirabout.

  • I brought the Rathlin ferry scandal to Alban’s attention, he listened courteously and sympathetically but the SDLP has not delivered much – so far.

    John Dallat needed a lot of coaxing but he was prepared to put down questions and Declan O’Loan has been more of an obstacle than an aid. There was a rumour from an SDLP source that they almost came to blows over the issue but they don’t strike me as the sort of gentlemen who are likely to spill blood 😉

    The European Commission believes there is a prima facie case to answer but the initiative to involve the Commission I understand didn’t come from any of our publicly elected representatives.

    When I mentioned the EU involvement to a relevant DRD official recently the official said the only information available on the matter came from NALIl blog!

    And the DRD press office doesn’t answer questions posed by the public/bloggers – even though it was initially prepared to answer a question from this blogger 🙂

  • nineteensixtyseven

    I thought it was a pretty solid PEB, nice mix of issues and personality. The SDLP have run a better campaign than most people thought they were capable of, let’s hope it pays off.

  • Paul

    As a Unionist, even I was quite impressed with this positivity and the non-focus on sectarian BS.

    Hopefully this is something that shall continue and increase in the future from both nationalist and unionist parties.

    Alban seems one of the more respectable members of the SDLP. Much better than the likes of Durkan. It really is time for Durkan and Empy to go and inject some new positive and competent leadership into the smaller parties.

  • 0b101010

    A positive message? Only if gleefully rolling about in your own muck is positive.

    It’s getting that poor it’s not worth actually going out fishing anymore

    So don’t. The solution is to get a new job, not to go cap-in-hand and ask for all Europeans to pay for your chosen way of life and your inefficient, run-down businesses.

    This is the core problem with the PEB and the European election in general. The politicians are all elbowing each other to prove they’re the best beggars. The ones that will collect the most alms from you and your neighbours, for you and your neighbours. The ones that can grovel the lowest.

    Is that the sole purpose of the European Parliament? Hand-outs to those incapable of operating viable businesses? How does that help these zombie industries beyond the short term?

  • Rory Carr

    Unlike The Third Policeman I was most impressed with his culinary skills. When all else fails there must surely be a starring role on Masterchef for a man who can heat up a can of soup with such panache.

    I was most unimpressed by his resorting to every slimeball politician’s trick of using his own children to promote his electoral appeal. Tacky!

    And it’s all very well commiserating with the fishermen and small farmers but extremely dishonest to pretend he can do anything to ease their plight.

  • “a man who can heat up a can of soup with such panache.”

    Did he know to open the can first, Rory? A young friend of mine once had to offer some practical advice to a fellow (male) Jordanstown student who was about to boil an unopened can 🙂

  • Rory Carr

    Explosive possibilities there, Nevin. He might have been a dissident chef.

  • Pancho

    Best of the government parties. A bit of 90’s editing but it was nice to see somebody talk to talk genuinely talk about europe. Still a far bit off from the Alliance and Greens PEBs.