“Politicians take note..”

BBC NI Hearts and Minds’ Julia Paul was at the recent PICamp event, and she provided a short report on online political innovations for last night’s programme. Paul adds some useful links here.

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  • oracle


    Saw you had a laugh,

    What was the semminar title,

    (a) O’Toole on the stool?
    (b) the fool on the stool?
    (c) the dare on the chair?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    …also On Hearts and Minds Mrs Deputy Dodds was very poor – probably will improve – but struggled to answer the fairly easy questions put to her and repeated her rehearsed lines – her performance contrasted with Jimbo who came straight afterwards and who seems to believe he can do well – though I’m sure he doesnt really think he can be elected.

  • Congratulations to all involved for an excellent event. It was great to meet people who were keen to discuss politics in the new media age and to look at the opportunities that are available.

    There’s also been plenty of Twitter chat about the event, so it has succeeded in getting people talking.

  • Ed Graham

    Very good piece on H+M. Well done to all involved. I enjoyed the day immensely – but I never thought of myself as a “political anorak”!